New Leagues: S800 Ghosts (Global Touring) | R880 Modern GT | R900 Porsche Supercar | NASCAR Ovals

May 29 through June 5
Use this thread to share tips, car suggestions, and experiences.

League leaderboards are ordered by points which accumulate from all your played sessions during the week.
Points per race = finish position inverted + bonus for finishing higher than players with a higher skill rating. NEW: quit/disconnect players are now counted in your race points. If you are in a lobby at cutoff time you can continue to race but points don’t accumulate. See the League Info thread or FAQ for explanation about skill rating and Division placement. Credit payouts for each division are awarded based on the leaderboard after the League has reached its end date.

See or or this thread for a list of cars by Division. Unless otherwise specified, Leagues use Damage=Cosmetic, Collisions=On, Tuning=Allowed, Upgrades=Allowed to the maximum of the specific class restriction. Cars must be currently configured to meet the lobby restriction to appear as available options in the Rent/Buy/My Cars lists, so the list of Rental cars may be partial or empty. You can change your own Assists by selecting your gamertag in the lobby.

Ghost League

  • Open: May 29 through June 5
  • Car Class: S (max PI 800)
  • Car Eligibility: Division = Global Touring Cars
  • Collisions: Off
  • Damage: Cosmetic for Enthusiast and Grassroots divisions
  • Damage: Simulation for Pinnacle, Elite, Professional
    Modern GT League
  • Open: May 29 through June 12
  • Car Class: R (max PI 880)
  • Car Eligibility: Division = Modern GT Racing
    Porsche Supercar League
  • Open: May 29 through June 12
  • Car Class: R (max PI 900)
  • Car Eligibility: Porsche 959, Carrera GT, 918 (DLC required)
    NASCAR Ovals League
  • Open: May 29 through June 12
  • Car Class: R (max PI 900)
  • Car Eligibility: NASCAR (DLC Required)

Global Touring Cars:

Modern GT Cars

See the Leagues Request List thread for suggesting future league combinations.

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Past leagues threads (most recent first):

Looking forward to the Oval league they just don’t come up enough in the nascar hopper. Maybe I’ve been unlucky but I’ve only raced Miami and Daytona twice each in 15-20 hours of playing and Indy not once. It will be my first time in leagues since the Can-Am league.

That’s a great selection of leagues. First time I’ll be tempted to try them all. Just got the porche expansion a couple of days ago. Even the ghost league looks worth a race or too.

Also, finally sorted out my NAT, now I just need to find the time…

Oh I forgot to check back on that thread what did you do to get your NAT type set to Open?

I just had to turn on uPNP on my router. My home network is so complex though I had to do it on the correct router!
For the last couple of weeks I was having huge difficulty in joining multiplayer. It would fail 9/10 times. Since I got uPNP set on the modem/router no issues!

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I love oval racing check my Sig!! But, I would have loved to have had Watkins Glen, and Sonoma’s Nascar configuration’s thrown in too. But, hey I will take this and have a great time e with it!!! Good thing I spent some time on tuning for Indy! I hope these races are the same lap length they are now and still have the Quick stops feature on too!

I guess I will have to get my Daytona Oval tune copied over & shared to more cars by tomorrow too!

Oh and folks use TCS especially at Daytona with the really high HP setups like mine. Because it can be at times hard to balance between throttle and wheel spin at the start! Either you are careful and don’t spin the tires off the line and you get ran over from being by others using either lower HP setups. Or you spin the tires and end up fishtailing and take out quite a few people behind you. So I just use TCS and it works out really well for the starts.

I normally look forward to a new league opening up but the new modern gt one has me a bit worried. I have worked hard the last two weeks in pro-leagues to try and move up or at least stay in pro. I finished first in Muscle cars even though I probably didn’t deserve it with the points all messed up, and it looks quite possible that I will finish community not much choice in the top 2%, I was absolutely gutted to find that I have been relegated back to enthusiast for a two week long league.
Think I’m gunna play Nascar

I noticed that I will be joining you there, or wherever you choose to race. I don’t know what criteria is being used to determine divisions, but it’s flawed. For the last three leagues, I have watched known wreckers and overly aggressive drivers (the ones actually causing a lot of the chaos) get promoted to elite, while the better, cleaner, drivers either stay in their division or get relegated.
If enthusiast is worse than professional, I have no desire to participate. Professional has been enough of a wreck fest as it is, and it is getting worse every week as they promote those same overly aggressive drivers up.

I have NASCAR, PORSCHE and half of Career to play, but I was really trying to enjoy the leagues.


Unfortunately it seems that “quality of racing” takes a back seat to “number of races finished” when looking at factors that get you up the leagues leaderboards.
I notice that I’m enthusiast now rather than grassroots and was hoping for at least a slightly more civilised experience. Am I being naive?

Your total points haul has nothing to do with promotion or relegation either. You can’t grind your way to a higher division. Only your (hidden) TrueSkill score affects it, and you only increase that by beating people.

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Yes, and I agree it should be that way. My complaint is that the ones “winning” a lot of races, are the ones plowing their way through the competition.
I have routinely dropped back at the start to avoid the first turn carnage (Clark Brats has too, along with a few others). I can normally work my way back up through the pack to at least a top 10 finish in a full room, and often a podium. But the guy who flys into turn 1, destroys half the pack, and somehow recovers to take the lead, and then the win, is the guy that is getting promoted. It just seems a bit convoluted, that’s all.
I don’t care about getting into elite, or pinnacle. If the racing was clean and competitive, they could put me in the Moron League and I would be fine.


Edit: Sorry, It was not my intention to derail this thread. I’m done ranting.

Edit: well now I sit here red faced and ashamed. Perhaps we were too quick to assume things were completely set up. My apologies. Clark, check yours, it appears mine is now professional.

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After several months in professional I was also bumped down to enthusiast. It’s weird because I’ve made every effort to be a clean racer. Even being the only person to put in a clean lap in several lobies.

It is quite unfair. But hey… I’ll still be here and no adjustments will be made.

TrueSkill literally doesn’t care how you race, only where you finish (or to be more precise, whom you beat), so cutting wrecking idiots who manage to win will get promoted faster than clean drivers who don’t.

All that stuff T10 talked about before launch about how temperament would have an affect appears to have been nonsense, at least based on what they’ve divulged since launch, and on the evidence of some of the clowns I’ve seen promoted all the way up to Pinnacle.

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Hope the track rotation in the Modern GT league is better than the rotation for the current R class league, as Le Mans full and Nuburgring are coming up far too often at the moment. Its good that they have added these tracks in for those that like them but it’s ridiculous how often they are coming up.

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I just posted almost exactly the same thing in last week’s league thread. Between those two tracks there are 12 ribbons, or 18 if you count the GP variants too, each of which counts as a separate track. That’s a piece of nonsense. It totally ruined the league.

Is the NASCAR Ovals League going to show up in the menu later? Only Modern GT and Ghost for next week are displaying for me.

Modern GT should be a permanent hopper tbh. Can’t wait to dust off the ol’ 458 though.

Someone forgot to turn damage on for the Modern Gt league . PitStops are on , but damage is off . It’s pretty silly .

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Loving the quickstop but the laps need to be increased by at least 1 per track (apart from Le mans and nordschliefe) because having a mandatory pit stop on a 3 lap race really seems pointless.

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