New Leagues: Porsche Supercars | NASCAR | ForzaRC S1W2

August 14 - August 21

Use this thread to share tips, car suggestions, and experiences.

League leaderboards are ordered by points which accumulate from all your played sessions during the week.
Points per race = finish position inverted + bonus for finishing higher than players with a higher skill rating. NEW: quit/disconnect players are now counted in your race points; if you are in a lobby at cutoff time you can continue to race but points don’t accumulate. See the League Info thread or FAQ for explanation about skill rating and Division placement. Credit payouts for each division are awarded based on the leaderboard after the League has reached its end date.

See or or this thread for a list of cars by Division. Unless otherwise specified, Leagues use Damage=Cosmetic, Collisions=On, Tuning=Allowed, Upgrades=Allowed to the maximum of the specific class restriction. Cars must be currently configured to meet the lobby restriction to appear as available options in the Rent/Buy/My Cars lists, so the list of Rental cars may be partial or empty. You can change your own Assists by selecting your gamertag in the lobby.

Porsche Supercar League

  • Open: August 7 - 21
  • Car Class: R (max PI 900)
  • Car Eligibility: Porsche 959 or Carrera GT or 918 (DLC required)
    NASCAR League
  • Open: August 14 - 28
  • Car Class: R (max PI 900)
  • Car Eligibility: Division = NASCAR (DLC required)
    ForzaRC S1W2 League
  • Open: August 15 - 21
  • Car Class: S (Stock Only)
  • Car Eligibility: Model = Ford Formula Ford

The Forza Racing Championship (ForzaRC) league is the second of three weekly leagues. All participants who race in this league will receive an exclusive bonus car - the Ford Falcon XY GTHO Phase III (with custom ForzaRC livery) - after the league closes. No registration is required to receive the bonus car, but registration and sign in at is required in order to win the other prize for this week’s league: the FM6 Porsche Expansion DLC for players in the top 50% of their division leaderboard. See the How To guide in the Forza Racing Championship forum for registering an ESL account.

There appear to be no other regular leagues going on while Turn 10 focuses on Forza Racing Championship through the end of August.

See the Leagues Request List thread for suggesting future league combinations.

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