New Leagues: D400 Sim (MX-5 '16) | B600 Ghosts (AWD) | S800 Formula E (stock)

Multiplayer League Hoppers
February 14 through February 21
Use this thread to share tips, car suggestions, and experiences.

League leaderboards are ordered by points which accumulate from all your played sessions during the week.
Points per race = finish position inverted + bonus for finishing higher than players with a higher skill rating. See the League Info thread or FAQ for explanation about skill rating and Division placement. Credit payouts for each division are awarded based on the leaderboard after the League has reached its end date.

See or or this thread for a list of cars by Division. Unless otherwise specified, Leagues use Damage=Cosmetic, Collisions=On, Tuning=Allowed, Upgrades=Allowed to the maximum of the specific class restriction. Cars must be currently configured to meet the lobby restriction to appear as available options in the Rent/Buy/My Cars lists, so the list of Rental cars may be partial or empty.

Sim League

  • Dates: February 14-21
  • Car Class: D
  • Car Eligibility: Model = Mazda MX-5 '16, Stock Only
  • Sim Damage is On.
    Formula E League
  • Dates: February 14-21
  • Car Class: S (max PI 800)
  • Car Eligibility: Division = Formula E, Stock Only
    Ghost League
  • Dates: February 14-21
  • Car Class: B (max PI 600)
  • Car Eligibility: Drive = AWD
  • Collisions: Off

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No tuning in these, it’s all about how you drive.

Super excited for “Spec Miata.” I just hope more people participate than I expect

I made a small adjustment to the divisions to push a few people higher that were in the tops of their divisions. So pinnacle and elite should get some new players this week.


As someone who used to love the cycled production hopper in previous Forza games I am looking forward to the stock leagues. No excuses or hiding place this time because it is purely down to skill. My only concern is the Mazda is rather unstable during decleration which may make it tricky if someone slightly taps your car!


Its great to see a stock car league I just hope this isn’t the only one because D class is far to slow for my liking. I’ve been trying to get used to the Formula E cars too have a go in that but I just can’t get used to the sound they emit, I keep missing gear changes because I’m so used to listening to the sound of the engine. Also I will be interested to see if the increase in player numbers will be enough to support 2 contact leagues in pinnacle because since the introduction of the Sim league the other league has been dead.

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I believe a number of drivers have announced that they will be returning to the normal contact league, so I wouldn’t be too concerned with numbers this week. I have a feeling the sim league will be dead because there aren’t many people interested in driving that slowly :slight_smile:

Slower cars generally equals closer racing. The faster the car’s go the more spread out they become. This is all generally speaking of course. If people can’t drive pigs out of a barnyard, then closer racing will be a bad thing.

Also can you change the air pressure in the Miata League?

Can you tune the Formula E’s at all? Not Upgrade but, tune.

It seems the lower league tiers got shafted… again.

I would make it back to Elite but can’t with all the corner cutting going on. This whole system is awful. Twice I’ve been demoted from elite cause I wasn’t good at a certain class. I literally lost a few and it demoted me. Why do my clean lap after clean lap count for nothing???

To answer your question, Truskill knows nothing of clean vs dirty laps. ELO type systems aren’t setup to handle that. At a simple level it’s a prediction of who will win and the actual outcome. If you beat a higher level player, your rating goes up if you lose it goes down. I get the clean vs dirty argument and tend to agree but like I said they didn’t write Truskill to deal with that.

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I generally could care less if someone lacks skill and short cuts, but when it is an issue it gets ugly fast because the lack the skill to shortcut through a corner and broadside the car in front of them. earlier this week that happened and the shortcutter’s reply was “I do it because I can”

Meanwhile the non-shortcutter is recovering in the grass.

As a Project CARS and FM player I enjoy turning clean laps and not shortcutting. Receiving drive-through penalties and being black flagged is the option in the real world and PC. There’s no reason FM6 couldn’t have that patched into an update by T10’s engineers.

I’m definitely going to be trying out the Formula E and stock Mazda league. Should be some close finishes due to the no tuning.

Not at all. They have the same leagues sans the Sim League. The Sim League simply will not work in the lower divisions. I re-balanced the divisions a bit so that some on the bubble would bump up. While you seem to be the type that would like longer laps and sim damage, there are not many of you at that skill level. If it comes down to saying such because there are 3 Leagues for the top two divisions, this will be the last week of that and they will be returning to two after this set.

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How did you come to the conclusion that there aren’t many at that skill level that would enjoy sim damage? Have you tried this before and found that too many people were uninterested?

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Not sure of ranking/skill level thing. I don’t get a lot of time to get on leagues so my recognition isn’t as skilled. Be great to have access to sim leagues but not sure if I’ll ever have access. I may be barking up the wrong tree and please feel free to tell me if that’s the case, mi IQ does experience occasional dips!

Thanks for the reply, but why wouldn’t it work? It’s not because I’m not a fast driver that I wouldn’t enjoy sim damage and longer races. It really would add up to the adrenaline and feel a lot more realistic. I’m in professional league and I’m fine there, usually I finish races in the middle of the pack, maybe slightly top half. Only 3 times I have won a race (back before my injury and I could still drive with my wheel). I got promoted from enthusiast to professional really fast (2-3 weeks after FM6 launch) but then stayed there until now (which is fine for me, I don’t belong any higher certainly not now that I’m temporary forced to use the controller).

This week’s sim league would even sound perfect to give it a try as it’s a low PI car. So please, please please, can’t you add it for this following week to professional as well and see how it would turn out?

No, no, no!! Please do not take the Sim Leagues away!!! It is so much more fun IMHO!


Didn’t say which one is going away.