New Leagues: D400 Compact Sport | A700 Ghosts (Track Toys) | Porsche | Lambo ST

Multiplayer League Hoppers
March 6 through March 13
Use this thread to share tips, car suggestions, and experiences.

League leaderboards are ordered by points which accumulate from all your played sessions during the week.
Points per race = finish position inverted + bonus for finishing higher than players with a higher skill rating. See the League Info thread or FAQ for explanation about skill rating and Division placement. Credit payouts for each division are awarded based on the leaderboard after the League has reached its end date.

See or or this thread for a list of cars by Division. Unless otherwise specified, Leagues use Damage=Cosmetic, Collisions=On, Tuning=Allowed, Upgrades=Allowed to the maximum of the specific class restriction. Cars must be currently configured to meet the lobby restriction to appear as available options in the Rent/Buy/My Cars lists, so the list of Rental cars may be partial or empty.

Compact Sport Coupes League

  • Open: March 6-13
  • Car Class: D (max PI 400)
  • Car Eligibility: Division = Compact Sport Coupes
  • Damage is Simulation for Pinnacle, Elite, and Professional divisions.
  • Damage is Cosmetic for Enthusiast, and Grassroots.
    Ghost League
  • Open: March 6-13
  • Car Class: A (max PI 700)
  • Car Eligibility: Division = Track Toys
  • Collisions: Off
    Lamborghini Super Trofeo S1W1 League
  • Open: March 4-9
  • Car Class: R
  • Car Eligibility: Model = Lamborghini #18 Gallardo ST, Stock Only
  • Open: March 1-13
  • Prize: Lamborghini #14 Gallardo ST with livery. This prize counts as 1 of 3 (out of 6 possible) award cars required to win the 2015 Lamborghini #63 Huracan ST unicorn car in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Racing Series (and access Season 2). See the discussion thread and announcement article for more details.
    Porsche Prototypes League
    The Porsche Expansion DLC is required to enter this league. You can select the event in the regular Leagues menu or the Porsche tab Leagues menu.
  • Open: March 1-13
  • Car Class: P (max PI 998)
  • Car Eligibility: Make = Porsche, Division = Endurance Prototypes

Compact Sport Coupes
E class cars won’t be available to rent or buy in this League but you can upgrade ones you own to make them eligible.

Track Toys
B class cars won’t be available to rent or buy in this League but you can upgrade ones you own to make them eligible.

Porsche Prototypes:

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Sweet, quick cars in the ghost league. Thanks.

Sim damage in D class no thanks. I wouldn’t be doing much this week.

The Lamborghini’s fun, good car for spec racing. Good engine note too, could listen to that thing all day.


Turn 10 why do you insist on putting tracks in the leagues where half the racers exploit the corner cutting. Over and over Bugatti circuit, yas marina. Every league every time. Stop rewarding bad behavior just take those tracks out of rotation. what is so hard about that?? In the meantime I suggest all CLEAN racers quit or spectate when one of those tracks come up. Don’t give your points to corner cutters. We need to make it not worth it for them.

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The cutting that still gives a clean lap is my biggest gripe. I’d be really interested to know how they do track limits in racing games, it would be nice for a dev to give some sort of insight on that. There has to be some sort of issue preventing them from following the real track limits. The F1 franchise, Gran Turismo, & Pcars have the same problems.

Dubai Autodrome in Pcars is the worst one ive seen for that stuff I think.

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Dubai was fixed on PCARS a long time ago. Meanwhile Forza still has its numerous track limit problems.

I doubt I’m going to start FM6 this week, but is there anywhere in the game that lists what’s in a Division? Overheard hubby cursing at the TV screen today, wondering how he could pick an appropriate car. It seems odd that you have to look here for the answer (BTW, thanks Max for posting such clear info), rather than having it clearly & easily accessible in the game. Bit like trying to find the Forza Twitch stream - easier on a laptop, via one click, than on the Xbox One. First World problems, eh?

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The easiest way of seeing what is in each car division is to go into freeplay change the car division to what you want and you will be able to see all the cars in that division.

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Or go to buy car. (When entering event-- even career events)

But yeah, I just look at Max’s spreadsheet most of the time.

That’s fantastic, er… Fantastic! Or should I call you Fox? :wink: I’ve put that on a post-it note for himself (and me, eventually). Virtual hug for you, kind sir!

I’ve had some good fun in the Lambos today! Once I found a lobby with HLR Zay, LSR Wurst Mann, and a few other seasoned drivers, the carnage has been minimal and the racing intense. These cars suit me very well and it seems like I can outrun the cutters no matter how hard they try.

As far is unicorn hunting goes, this has gone 10 times better than the Can Am league without a doubt.

Don’t got much time for the Lambo league this week, I did really enjoy the few races I’ve done though.

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Compact Sport so far has been pretty rad imo. There’s been the usual amount of frustration from a sim damage league, (as well as people bemoaning about how “slow” these D class cars are - just go race somewhere else?) but hey sometimes the challenge of avoiding the pack is half the fun, and when you race clean around others, you tend to get that respect back. Really great spread of cars and I’ve not yet noticed one car that wins every race, so you get a nice mixed field.

Again, really enjoying the limitations of a D Class League. I know it’s not everyones cup o’ tea but I’m digging it.

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Can’t find anyone playing in pinnacle for the D class league. Blah. The lambo league was a lot of fun though. Apparently I’m not as terrible as I used to be in race cars.

The D class league really is a lot of fun. I’ve also enjoyed the Track Toys ghost league as well. Good week all around with a Lamborghini cherry on top.

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Enjoyed the Lambo league, but really enjoying the Compact Sport league! I’ve been in Professional for a while now, and I don’t recall seeing a sim damage league before now. Everyone’s behavior has been just a little better, and it’s resulted in some some really fun racing!

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Compact Sport is alright but it seems kind of dead.

It usually seems dead after the servers come back up after a break, but it tends to come back after 15-30 minutes most of the time.