New issue after Dec 3rd update. infinite save loop in paint and upgrade

i have a new issue after the update where i get an infinite loop while saving paint to car but also after a build. i get to the saving, please do not turn off your device message with a spinning save icon.

only way around is to restart game.

anyone else?


Yes, me too. Had to restart the game 4 times in the last hour because of this new problem. X box series x. Game was playable before the update. Now not so much. Any time I make an upgrade to car or paint a car, welcome infinity loading screen. Tried removing game from quick resume, reset the console, nothing seems to make a difference. Watch this thread explode soon.


Ohhhhhhhh boy…

Here we go again.

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the game on xbox series x is actually so broken more than it was before dec 3rd update at this state the game is a broken product. that we paid a lot for its not aceptable.

Sorry to see you’re having problems, my heart sank when I saw this thread but I’ve just tried saving a paint and upgraded parts and it all worked as it should. :sweat_smile: I’m on the One X by the way.

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I’ve had to restart it twice in 20 minutes since installing the new patch.

The first time I quit out of the seasonal truck race cos I was failing miserably and it just gave me a black screen with a loading circle in the bottom right corner and it was stuck like that.

The second time I bought a vehicle from the auction house using the “buy out” option, but when I clicked “Collect car”, it just got stuck on that screen. Thankfully, when I restarted the game, the car had been collected.


Infinite loading screen just happened again while trying to take a photo of a car. Getting annoyed.

Yep same here, Series X… had to restart after the results screen at the end of a race, went to black with the spinner and got stuck, and again just now after buying a car from the auto show. Fingers crossed nothing’s corrupted and I don’t lose the car or credits. But on the plus side I’ve managed to complete some accolades that have been broken until now… lol.

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Infinite loading screen yet again after completing a horizon story chapter. I’m calling it a night I’m afraid. It’s now impossible to play for more than 15 minutes without having to hard reset my console. Not good.

Infinite saves are very dodgy on computers, I would avoid saving anything until it’s fixed.



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Tried another horizon story born fast or dead last. Both cars are now floating in mid air at the start of the race. Cannot be driven. Only the radio works. But the timer runs anyway. And after the timer runs out. Guess what. Infinite loading screen. Restart. Try again. I feel like there is a little bit of sick in my mouth right now.

It’s very strange to have all these bugs after an update. They must test their programs out on multiple systems… or are supposed to.

+1 series x… Went from “online not working”, to now it’s just not even a point trying to play it. Must have spent a LOT of time QA testing this before release…

These problems are on the console. Not computers.

I need to hear that the PC people are OK.

Had it legitimately hang on saving once (Series X) where I had to restart the game. Had a couple of very long saves where I thought I was gonna have to restart but it finally finished and moved on.

Can I ask how long were your very long saves? Genuinely interested. I waited more than 15 minutes on my last saving screen before I gave up.

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I’d say the longest one was in the vicinity of a minute or two. The one I decided to restart was around 10-15 minutes.

I would say my shortest one was around 15 minutes but the one I decided to restart my game numerous times was on about hhmmmm I don’t know 1 or 2 seconds.