New ideas for Forza motorsport 7 and horizon

Forza motorsport idea 1

An intergrated weather pattern or system in the game or in other work recreating 4 seasons in 1 day like in real life racing.

Forza motorsport idea 2

More iconic race circuits or the original circuit layouts

Forza horizon idea 1

Antarctica, why Antarctica you maybe wondering since there are many stations there run by different countries you could use there car manafactures to race there and do some sightseeing without getting frostbight this could either be a new horizon edition or even an expansion but it would be a way to bring more people together.

Forza horizon idea 2

I know that FH4 in based in the UK i personally love the cars made in 1910s to 1940s when cars had there on personality and style so made use some off the Cars from this era based in the UK to go with The Arooga horn you would get a match made in heaven so too say

That was some of my idea for forza Tony “Noddy” Dawe signing out

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