New Hotfix incoming

As long as that “thing” is in unplayable state they will fix at least the title:

Forza Horror-Izon 5 - The return of the (fun) killer bugs

Casting Mike Brown as Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and It in one person!

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FH5 Release Notes: December 7th, 2021 (Hotfix)
Avatar Forza Support Team
32 minutes ago Updated
We’re constantly working to improve the experience in Forza Horizon 5. Below you will find a summary of items fixed or improved upon in this update.

This update is for Series consoles only

Fixed an issue that would cause some players to become stuck when attempting to save on Series consoles

LOL Thats a good one Mike. LMAO

Hmmm but if they really work hard maybe christmas 2022 eliminator will be playable. Only 382 days to go… I am looking forward to:-)))


This update seemed to have resolved the “new” Series X issues I was having since Friday.

Not only are the stated issues sorted, but the “long loads” after races and Rivals too. I suspect those were because the game was attempting to save in the backend so the main fix caught them too.

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Looking forward to trying that out…didn’t touch the game since I couldn’t upgrade cars without restarting the game.

Who’s testing? I tried some rivals and final animations looks weird because car goes backwards a bit but everything’s fine. Maybe it was always this way.

Hmmm, 3rd rival stuck at loading. I know, saving is fine but I need loading too. :smiley:

Come on, guys, it’s not funny anymore…

OMG, game launch crash again. I don’t know…

Wait…aren’t you the one who has been going on about how wonderful and “flawless” Fh5 is? Welcome to reality. By the way, just exactly how much is PG/T10 paying you?


OK, now you are seeing some of what we are complaining about.

I do think the game has the potential of being a great one, as you do. (And I am one of the first to praise the game for its graphics.)

However it is hard to think of it as a great game, with all the crashes, infinite loops, tasks that don’t register as complete when you have done everything correctly, etc

We can hope for better things, but I am afraid we will be stuck with very inconvenient (at best) work arounds and some unplayable things for the unforeseeable future.

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Who is this imposter pretending to be Turtle???



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They finally broke him.


Hahaha you know the game is in a terrible state when TurtleCZ says something negative.

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lol, bugs can break anyone, even the finest fanboys :stuck_out_tongue:


So I guess the new update was only to fix the crashing and freezing during the saves and photo mode. Nothing regarding accolades or the invisible people still flooding Eliminator?? Okay, great!

It’s a start…at least I can now put a car up for auction and don’t lose the controller when exiting a Festival and whatnot. I am amazed they even came out with a fix for this issue so quickly

See I think that’s the problem, those things shouldn’t be happening. I’m a patient person to a certain extent but there’s one thing I do know, I’m alot closer to hating this game then I first realized. Its not even one issue in particular, its all of the issues combined that has my tank on empty. It took maybe a year or more before I started to hate FH4. It’ll be 5 weeks on Friday and I’m already starting to hate this game.

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Hey Reo, any idea if u will quit soon and only play casually? I wonder because I remember you from FH4 solo ranked. I see myself going casual very soon, although I’m getting into rivals quite a bit which for me is the closest thing to solo ranked.