New Golf sound - the same old problem

Please, remove the flames and that pop’s sound from upshifts, its just pathetic, and a lot of other cars too, have the same problem.

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Interesting. A quick Google suggests this is normal for Golfs, with people talking about it on various Golf/VW reddits and forums.

This is the original sound. I don’t see flames or pop’s sound with upshifts.

I remember before launch, they said that some devs have this car in real life and they were suprised about how close was from the game an real life. Best joke ever

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Here is another one for your research. No flames, even with another exhaust.

It looks like race exhaust from the game, but with the exhaust upgrades you loose the fart sounds… And get another 5 fire explosions per second. So, another car to the list of totally wrong sounds

Edit: And the fart sound is waaaaaay too low

No flames, but a lot of popping in Sport mode (about 2 minutes in):

Of course, I’m not intimately familiar with all the different models. I expect many of them have a Sport mode or are set up that way by default. And I don’t think we can change it manually in game.

The bigger problem is that this game has no AUTOMATIC transmission,no DCT ,no DSG on the Golff for these seemingless,unintrerrupted shifts…Why is it so hard to implement a real Automatic Gearbox?

Because Automatic sucks, thats why. There is absolutely no reason to implement dct or dsg when harcore player base is already using Manual+clutch either. And its not a “bigger problem” at all. If you want quick gear shifts, Equip race transmission. Simple as that.

The only difference between manual and automatic in the options is in manual the player need so press or operate a switch to mimic charging ger if the player sets automatic then they don’t need to press a button or switch, simples.

Manual is also artificially faster.

Maybe so, but to be honest I just find it to much of a distraction to worry about having to press anther button as well as contend with rammers and people who can’t seem to drive in online racing and for me it’s just a game I want to have fun and more importantly in solo I want to win so I go for the easiest option.

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