New ghost lobby remove night tracks pls. Cars do not have headlights

Hey Turn 10 these cars in Open Wheel legends do not have headlights!!! Obviously!!! How do you make that mistake??? So here’s choice in the hopper night or night. Come on!!! Test this and think about it before just throwing stuff out there. Proper tracks for a division and knowing if the cars have headlights or not is kind of important. I’m glad you switched it up but it is so careless.


Nobody in T10 actually plays the game unless they are forced to you see.

Much evidence for the last few years.


Which tracks are you getting? Because Yas Marina and Daytona are playable without lights, but VIR and Silverstone obviously are not.

Anyway, this lobby should only have proper F1 tracks IMO, no random nonsense such as Bathurst and VIR. I remember in Formula 90’s early League rotation we got the national layouts of some tracks, which was annoying of course.

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Silverstone, Spa - black holes. Yes Daytona and Yas are well lit so ok but the others have to go. Lots of Top Gear garbage that they insist on voting for every time its up for voting, no idea why. It should be mostly Full Grand Prix circuits for these cars. Awful for short tracks. Bathurst would be fine actually, it’s just challenging


You’re right, IMO a combination of all the actual F1 race tracks and Bathurst would’ve been great, and without Night.

Don’t like Top Gear either, I never use that track. And it lost a bit of its aura when Clarkson got fired and the others followed him. :frowning:

Look at things on the bright side; it’s like playing murder in the dark.


April Fools’ Day is coming… maybe that is their way of making a joke… or not.

Well the problem is, that there is no bright side.
I’m going to sign out now…


Let’s keep this on the bright side. All night tracks have been removed!

thank you Gr1malian


yeah, what a bummer online last night. trying to run ghost to avoid “issues”.

Cycled hopper is always nice (better than average participants) and it sure is great having E class back but I am a hot lapper by nature.