new games for T10 to tackle

Does anyone else want to see a boat racing sim with the same level of greatness as the Forza Series?

And a new motorcycle sim? Tourist Trophy is such a fun game. It would be so much better if T10 had something to do with it.

Aren’t there Moto GP games?

I wish there was a surfing game. Not enough buyers though I am sure.

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a flight sim would be nice, maybe a microsoft flight sim for the xbox one.


I think it would be great if T10 did a Forza rally/off-road game. They could include Dakar, WRC cars and classic rally cars with laser scanned rally courses.


Rather then a separate game this should be an expansion to Forza Motorsport 5

Forza 5 is dead. No more content will be released unfortunately. I was still hoping for a September DLC but nothing showed up…

So, maybe FM6? But with all the things they should focus on for FM6 (Day/night cycle, weather effects, more tracks/cars, community features etc.), I really doubt we’ll see rally content.

@ line4473: If you liked Tourist Trophy, then you should keep an eye on this

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Thanks for the heads up on Ride. Looks amazing.


As mentioned above I would like to see rally done by Turn 10.

If not then I would like to see it be done by someone using the Forza physics and tuning engines.

I understand the point made that they need to focus on the core of FM6.

I just want a great rally game rather than the mediocre to good ones we tend to get from other developers.

I’m still holding out for Forza Watersport.

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I’d like to see them do a:

-Rally Sim

-Motorbike freeroam sim

-Aircraft freeroam/combat sim

-Trucking sim

-Tank combat sim