New Gamertag

Hi all,

When I got my Xbox One, I forgot what email and password I used for my old gamertag. I set up a new one on the One and I am wondering is there anyway to transfer my profile to the new gamertag? If I can’t its no big deeal I’ll just go and redo what I have done on FM4.

Maybe Try Contacting Xbox?

Try Xbox live on your pc or tablet or whatever you use. There may be a feature to recover that info.

Ok will give it a go. Thanks

No, you cannot. Had you changed your “name” on the account instead of creating a new gamertag, then it would have automatically transferred to the new “name.”

There is no way to transfer contents from one gamertag tag to another.

Ok thanks Snowowl

Snowowl beat me to it

Only way to have all your stuff with a different name is to change the Gamertag on the existing account. You could always bring your 360’s gamertag to the Xbox One if later you do remember your email and password. I would suggest trying to figure out what they were so you could change them to something you will remember

Yeah that was almost five years ago. I’ve drank way to many beers and shots to remember. Thanks.

If you still have your 350, you could boot it up and put in the forza 4 disk and it should start up and ask you to sign in. Or your Profile should be there.

You probably could contact XBOX Live and give them your name and address and get your information.

However, if you did it once, you should be better the second time around.

EZT TomCat7 - I’ve contacted Xbox and they said they can’t give me my old information because I can’t prove the account is mine.

With that being said. I’ve been going through it again and it does seem a bit easier this go round. Tahnks everyone for your input.

ok so you need the email addy to your old gamertag there is a way to see it which email is used on that account
boot up your 360 & go to that profile then go to your avatar and press A then go right on the thumbstick or d pad & on the right panel is the email addy associated with that gamertag (it will say Microsoft account above it)
hope this helps