New Forza Motorsport Multiplayer Wish

Hello all,

My biggest wish for the upcoming Forza Motorsport’s Multiplayer (Track Creator I’ve already mentioned for every mode) would be for the game to either go back to or at least include the option for players to create their own custom public lobbies and have them discoverable within the game itself, like we used to have back in the 360 days in FM4 and the first Horizon. I found that creating or searching for the types of track/car combinations that I really wanted to play was much easier back then when you could do it all in-game and didn’t have to worry about going somewhere else, and then posting a looking for group message that you hope someone sees. To me the old option was far more intuitive, easy to you, and much more likely to work, ie, attract a group of like-minded racers.

Thanks for listening.
The new FM can’t come soon enough! I bought a PS5 and GT 7 to scratch that itch, and frankly it’s about 15% as fun as any FM game. Why they still use that terrible chase camera that makes it feel like your car is planted center screen and it’s the track rotating around the car instead of Vice versa is beyond me. Forza’s dynamic chase camera has pretty much ruined my enjoyment of games that don’t use a similar chase cam.
Ok, I’m off for real this time.
Have a great day!