New Forza Horizon Update Near Thanksgiving 2020

I have an update on my Xbox One since a day or two before Thanksgiving for the original Forza Horizon. (573.9MB).

The reason I’m messaging so long afterwards is cause I can’t find any patch notes ANYWHERE about this update and I dont want to download the update until I know what it includes cause I know Horizon 1 reached its “end-of-life” years ago.
Has anyone found anything? Cause I’d really like to update and start trying to find playground games again on multiplayer.

(No help from the people who viewed this and didn’t respond.)
I got a reply from the Forza Support site stating this,

From WOLFayame,
Have you not updated your game?

Thank you,


To which I replied,

“No, i haven’t updated yet. That’s the reason I’m emailing. I’m asking what the update/patch notes are before updating because I know it reached its end-of-life status years ago.”

& after a couple days I get this response from, not WOLFayame, but Forza Support & Safety Team stating this…

"Thank you for taking the time to report this issue.

I wish I had better news for you, but unfortunately, we no longer actively support Legacy Forza titles. Limited support is still available for matchmaking and leaderboard services.

While I appreciate you taking the time out today to write in to Forza Support, we sadly are unable to take care of this request.
Forza Support & Safety Team"

Why in the world would you add an update to a “legacy title” if you’re NOT GOING TO GIVE ANY INFORMATION ON WHAT THE UPDATE INCLUDES?!? Let alone, flat out ask some one “you haven’t updated your game?” when the main question mentioned me not updating because I wanted to know what was new…

Please Turn10/someone reply with a real answer.

I would imagine it’s either (a) an emulator update, or (b) something to do with Series X | S compatibility/optimization. Since my other backwards compatible game didn’t update like the last time they did an emulator update, I’m leaning towards reason (b).

Are you playing on Series X/S? I haven’t got any update on One X for a while, so I think it’s a patch for next-gen console features, like auto-HDR and probably Quick Resume. I was hoping for 60 fps unlock, but looks like old Forza titles will not get it.

I’ve been messaging back & forth and so far all I’ve gotten out of them is “there are no patch notes for the update.” which doesn’t make any sense