New forum questions - see FAQ in News Discussion

Just wondering why the ranks have changed from the last forums? I was U class now im C class??

Hi there guys, good work with the new Forums, just wondering if someone can put a guide up for how to do signature links and the picture links. I did have the old guide bookmarked to get this sorted out on my profile this week but cant get into now with the update. cheers Zip

See the New Forums FAQ in the News Discussion forum for Q&A on the new forums.

See also the New Forums Wish List thread.

The ranking levels (based on post count) have adjusted a bit for all users on the new forums. Details on the levels will be posted shortly.

The FAQ answers questions about posting pictures and signatures.

As topic, any advantage to these forums or is it just cosmetic?

Use the search! The faqs were prepped days ago

aw cheers, just found it, didnt think it would be up there.

This went live for testing a few days ago. So everything you could need from faqs to what engine swaps are available and in what is already here

Did wonder how long it’d take for the first “I dont know what a search button is” person to come along with a duplicate thread

How about i asked the question before it was posted! Search wasnt an option as the new forums had only gone live!!

new game - new console - new forums

Well the posting works better in IE11 than the previous forums did - that’s a plus for me!

I also like that the profile pictures next to our posts show the rewards tier and driving since date. Helps give a little credibility to posters that have been “around the block” on Forza games.

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Unfortunately I’ve had to create a new account so it doesn’t show how “around the block” I’ve been. It isn’t super long but I started back with FM3.

Fm forums TOS clearly states you can only have one username. Just a friendly bit of advice. Careful what you announce on here, may get you in hot water

Well I appreciate the advice, I do only have one username. Had nothing to do with punishments or anything of the like, just don’t have access to my old gamertag. Sad really, I’ve missed out on like 12m + credits


WOW!! Nice set up fellas. Usually I lurked on the old forum. Went back to it about 10 minutes ago with a loading error. Then some how it directed me to this area. Needless to say I’m a big fan

There’s an awful lot of black. It’s all very dull. Why is it all so black and dull? Or is this gonna change?

I’m just happy that we don’t get the odd white text on black background for the majority of thread text. That really messes with my eyes. Dang I’m getting old.


Yeah it’s pretty harsh really.

Im not sure but would guess the black and greys are easier on mobile devices.