New FH4 Features that you like

This forum is filled with complaints of things we don’t like about the game, but I thought it might be important to let PG know what we DO LIKE, in hopes that it will continue to the next release in the game cycle.

Ghosting traffic vehicles in Speed Zones and Drift Zones
This has just made those zones so much easier to complete. Speed Zones are a breeze now and, although I’m not much of a drifter, this definitely helps when I want to tinker with it.

Masking vinyl art in Design Mode
This makes designing so much easier. I didn’t really see the benefits to it until I started messing around with the feature… truly saves an enormous amount of time.

Route Creator
This is probably the best enhancement for Forza 4 that I have experienced; creating your own races. I like fast tracks and this feature allows me to create exactly what I’m looking for.

Auction House Search Options
This is a new feature and well worth the wait. I was able to pick up a few cars I would otherwise had lost to the bots… so cool!

Forzathon Live Events
This is the only multiplayer I play and I actually enjoy it. I know it can be rather repetitious, but I like the fact that all of the players “get along”. No need to worry about bashers and other griefers.

Ghosted Players
In the normal course of driving around the map, it’s nice just to occasionally “beep” the horn at other players without fear of them bashing into you or otherwise, messing in your game.

I like this feature a lot; particularly the daily income I get from the businesses. Stories are ok, but you get credits from the businesses. The only thing that would make them better, is if they doubled as your house/garage/festival site.

These are some of the new features in FH4 that I like… what new features do you like?


I like the new feature that the Auction house search does no longer reset a lot. It always bothered me.


Add to those the ability to skip wheelspin animations. Seems like such a small thing, but going back to older Horizons, this really annoys me now.

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Being able to cash out Wheelspin cars you already own. Part of the reason I struggled to like this game was the constant garage management. I would put off doing Wheelspins because I knew I’d just wind up spending a half hour deleting cars out of my garage. This feature, which was part of FH3, is greatly appreciated.


Absolutely… surprised I forgot that one. But yes, at least you get something for duplicate cars now instead of having to just remove them from your garage.

Not new feature, already existed in FH3, if you go that way, so good to have Rivals, FFA , lap time displayed, … :slight_smile:

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The Vinyl Creator improvements…
The masking tool is great!
Flip Horizontal / Flip Vertical

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Big fan here of recent auction house changes, both the just-released search reset and the bidding procedure shift that allows more casual players to get higher prices for their cars.

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These two from the top of my head and that they added possibility to sell duplicate cars directly from Wheelspin.

New physics model is the biggest thing for me overall. It’s somehow very delicious, really rewarding.

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Seasons/weather … even if I don’t know if it classifies as a feature
Playlist, kind of keep the game alive which is not bad / at least better than forzathon or nothing.


+1 for the ghosted civilian cars in PR Stunts, I’m still adamant that the previous games used to regularly put them in the way of the ideal driving/drifting line on purpose.


I love the multiple paint groups/areas thing. The cars with like 3+ groups are usually the ones I spend the most time painting. Coupled with vinyl masks you can do some interesting stuff with it.

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I love the playlist feature. Instead of going to the physical start points of events to see what the prize is(such as when the game first came out) it’s all right there in the playlist tab. Then they added the ability to go to the event from said tab. It’s a good feature in my opinion.

  • ghosted cars in PR stunts
  • finally you can sell doubled cars straight away from a wheelspin. I won’t end up with 5 Reliant Robin anymore :D.

EDIT: new Bugatti!!! :slight_smile: <3

Another edit :slight_smile:

  • VW :slight_smile:
  • Optimalisation. You clearly write good code so I can play in high detail on my 5yo laptop :).
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Two features on top of my mind :

  1. Mini-map follows orientation of camera, very useful when looking back!
  2. Different starting place for each difficulty. Example : You start last in unbeatable, and first on the easiest difficulty.

I agree, this is a good one… I use it all the time.

Also, as mentioned, the Playlist and weekly challenges are entertaining.

Seasons… I’m on the fence on this one. I would have much rather seen a larger map then the change of seasons. But, that’s just my opinion.

I have been on the fence with the seasons too. They add to game a lot. I can’t imagine being interested anymore if current map were static with only single season.

However visual aspects aside, racing experience is pretty much the same during spring, summer and autumn, it rains on different routes on different seasons. Only winter is really different to other seasons, which is great. I wish for custom route creators to rescue though, to add more fun winter / snow related challenges. For me FH3 Blizzard Mountain was really great experience, but FH4 winter falls short in comparison what Blizzard Mountain could offer at it’s best.

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I find that this removes some of the community feel of the game. Sure, ghost the cars while in speed/drift zones. But, I like to interact with other players and also see their car liveries rather than just a ghost. Especially in Forzathons! Perhaps in Forzathons they could make the cars much less transparent and keep them ghosted.

I particularly don’t like Winter. I live in a region that has some pretty ugly (Oxy Moron!) winters; it’s too much like real life.

Spring and Summer seem almost identical, Autumn appears to just have really slippery roads; not a fan of Autumn either.

But, I understand some people to like this… so I can suffer for a week each month. :slight_smile:

The Forzathon Live Events - very clever way to get a group of strangers working together for a common goal at the drop of a hat; wish PG would explore what they’ve done right with this and incorporate/apply what was successful there to other multiplayer features that are …less successful.

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