NEW! fat burns C class VW Golf R32 open source tune TOP10 Rivals TOP 20 Road Atlanta Full

C VW Golf R32


Conversion, Engine swap 1.6L Turbo Rally
Aero, Forza front bumper, forza rear wing, street bonnet
Tyres and rims, Rear width tyre 255/35R18 stock rims
Transmission, street, Driveline, street, Diff, Race
Platform and handling, Race spring, Race F-R anti-roll bars, Race roll cage


Tyres F28 R28
Alignment camber F-3.1 R-2.7, Toe F0.0 R-0.1, Caster 6.0
Anti-roll bar F1.00 R40.00
Springs F837.3 R660 Ride height F4.4 R4.4
Damping Rebound F12.7 R11.0 Bump F1.4 R1.0
Aero F70 R75
Diff F acc 30% dec 0 R acc 60% dec 15% Centre 60%

Hope you enjoy guys

B 250 GTO times

Indy GP 1.30.327 #27
Top gear full 1.14.207 top50
Spa 2.33.061 #82 will go faster


Race tyre compound / f tyre width stock 195/35R20 / R tyre width 315/50R15/ Rims T57-RC gram lights
Drivetrain sport transmission / Street driveline / Race diff
Platform and handling Race brakes / Race springs / Race F /R anti-roll bars / Race weight reduction


Tyres F28 R27
Final drive 4.55
Alignment camber F-3.2 R-2.8, Toe F0.0 R-0.0, Caster 6.5
Anti-roll bar F19.06 R20.01
Springs F473.4 R355.3 Ride height F4.9 R5.3
Damping Rebound F12.8 R12.2 Bump F3.4 R1.9
Brakes Balance 48% pressure 120%
Diff acc 31% dec 8%

enjoy guys, I also have this tune shared

D class civic 97 times

Alps Festival R 2.03.931 #21
Alps Stadtplatz R 1.42.466 #35
Nordschleife 8.11.824 #24


Areo Forza front bumper forza rear wing
Tyres and rims front tyre width 205 rear tyre width 225 rims Gram lights T57-RC rim size 30R19 F and R
Drivetrain sport transmission street driveline race diff
Platform and handling Race springs race F and R anti roll bars
Engine Street valves


Tyres F28 R29
Final drive 4.50
Alignment camber F-3.2 R-2.5, Toe F0.0 R-0.0, Caster 5.8
Anti-roll bar F8.02 R25.01
Spings F602.1 R590.3 Ride height F4.9 R4.9
Damping Rebound F11.4 R11.0 Bump F2.5 R2.4
Aero F 50 R75
Diff ACC 85% Dec 17%


B class Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX times.

Silverstone GP 2.15.4 top 100
Top gear full 1.14.6 top 50
yas full 2.23.6 top 100


Conversion engine swap 1.6L I4-Turbo rally
Platform and handling race brakes, race spring, race F/R anti-roll bars, ,Sport weight reduction
Drivetrain Sport clutch, race driveline, race diff
Tyres and rims Race tyre compound, Front tyre width 255, Rear tyre width 255, rims weds sport SA-97 F, Rim size 25R20 F/R
Aero F forza bumper R forza wing

Tyres F27 R27
Alignment camber F-3.0 R-2.5, Toe F0.0 R-0.0, Caster 6.0
Anti-roll bar F8.04 R26.06
Spings F615.8 R510.0 Ride height F5.6 R5.3
Damping Rebound F12.0 R10.7 Bump F3.7 R2.4
Aero F 50 R75
Brake balance 54% force 125%
Diff F acc30% dec11% R acc55% dec15% centre 65%

this car is really good in lobbies. change each gear @ 5500rpm hope you enjoy guys

New tune Camaro ss coupe here are some times

Bathhurst main 2.30.388 #29
Road Atlanta full 1.38.054 #40
Sebring short 1.25.477 #33


Conversion engine swap 5.7L V8 aspiration conversion centrifugal supercharger
Platform and handling race brakes, race spring, race F/R anti-roll bars, street roll cage, race weight reduction
Drivetrain street transmission, street driveline, race diff
Tyres and rims Rear tyre width 315, rims mickey Thompson classic lock
Aero F forza bumper R forza wing

Tyres F28 R27.5
Alignment camber F-1.8 R-2.0, Toe F0.0 R-0.1, Caster 6.0
Anti-roll bar F17.09 R24.06
Spings F700.3 R420.5 Ride height F7.8 R7.8
Damping Rebound F10.2 R9.7 Bump F5.5 R4.2
Aero F 50 R75
Brake balance 48% force 125%
Diff acc36% dec12%

enjoy guys

Merc 300SL Gullwing I have this car shared here are some times I did in it

Silverstone GP 2.21.5 top 100
topgear full 1.17.7 top 50
yas marina south #67


Engine race air filter, race intake manifold, race fuel system, race exhaust, street valves, race displacement, race pistons
Platform and handling race brakes, race spring, race F/R anti-roll bars, race weight reduction
Drivetrain race driveline, race diff
Tyres and rims street tyre compound, F235/60R15 R285/50R15, rim style American racing outlaw
Aero F forza bumper R forza wing

Tyres F28.5 R27.5
Alignment camber F-2.3 R-2.0, Toe F0.0 R-0.1, Caster 6.5
Anti-roll bar F14.59 R21.06
Spings F580.4 R463.7 Ride height F6.0 R6.0
Damping Rebound F9.5 R10.2 Bump F4.5 R3.4
Aero F 50 R75
Brake balance 53% force 120%
Diff acc23% dec7%

enjoy very good for lobbies

lotus elise 99 I have this car shared

TOP GEAR WEST 31.853 #19
YAS MARINA-ALT 2.05.833 #19

Aspiration conversion Centrifugal supercharger
Forza front bumper rear wing
Tyres F185/55R15 R245/40R16
Rims Watanabe Cyclone or any at the same weight
Drivetrain Street driveline race differential
Platform and handling race brakes race springs race F/R anti-roll bars race weight reduction
Engine sport ignition sport centrifugal supercharger

Tyres F28 R27
Alignment Camber F-2.0 R-2.5 Toe F 0.0 R-0.2 Caster 7.0
Anti-roll bars F18.01 R15.01
Springs F250.8 R320.9 Ride height F5.0 R5.0
Damping rebound F8.0 R10.5 Bump F3.6 R3.0
Aero F 90 R 175
Brake balance 53% force 120%
Diff ACC 26% DEC 11%

hope you enjoy

Well here we go guys, this tune I ran round topgear full I have it shared but this is how I made the tune

TOPGEAR FULL 1.14.139 #22

Conversion Engine swap 5.7L V8
Aspiration Conversion Centrifugal Supercharger

Engine Street air filter
Street exhaust
Sport valves
Sport displacement
Sport centrifugal supercharger

Platform and handling Race brakes
Race springs
Race F/R Anti roll bars
Sport roll cage
Race weight reduction

Drivetrain street transmission
Race driveline
Race differential

Tire compound Race tyre compound
Front tyres 235/60R14
Rear tyres 305/45R14
wheels Watanabe cyclone or any at the same weight

Aero and appearance
Front forza bumper
Rear forza wing
Remove rear bumper


Tyre pressure

Camber F -2.0 R -1.6
Toe F 0.0 R -0.1
Front caster 6.0

Anti-roll bars F 15.3 R30.1

Springs F 574.3 R409.3

Ride height F 7.2 R7.2

Rebound F 10.0 R 9.5

Bump F 4.5 R 4.5

Aero F 100 R 200

Brake balance 53% force 115%

Diff 30% 15%

hope you enjoy


Hello Burnsy- long time no race - good to see your on F5 now, and by the looks of it doing quite well, nice tune by the way good launch and grip into corners, I felt I wanted more top speed - but I’d have to knock down the Aero but that may cause other issues,
thanks for letting all try your tuning.

hi luny has been a long time, sorry mate I don’t race In public too many people just want to crash into you at first corner, send me a friend request can have a catch up lol

Thanks for sharing fat burns! Will be giving this '65 Mustang a spin around the block once I boot up in a couple of hrs. Oh, and welcome to the forum! I can see you’ve been on Forza for awhile. I just started with my first ever gaming system and FM5 late December 2013 and I am loving it…

Let me know if you set any PB anywhere

Thanks for the lotus open source will be giving this car a try

Thanks for the open source builds and tunes. Why do you prefer RWD differential settings in the 30/15 range? What are the specific advantages? Do you use them because of feel, calculation, or some other method?

got an A601 with the build listed for the lotus. Can you check tire width one more time please.
185 Front is stock sizing
I ended up going +1 on the rim weight and am at B600. W/Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.

Good stuff man!

Just checked the tune and I know where I went wrong in drivetrain should have street driveline not sport driveline. sorry SirChickenHeart I have changed this now on my post and front tyre width are stock

32.396 (PB# 55) with Lotus at Top Gear West

…and now, to change the build :slight_smile: and run it again. Added you so I had someone to chase as your tune put me infront on my friends leaderboard.

looks like the error that you posted may have resulted in stumbling into a lighter build?

with the Watanabe’s and street driveline, weight is 1396

with the Team Dynamics Pro Race 1 and sport driveline, weight is 1392

love the tune/…spent the last three hours making you a paint

@N05/13552554705/player/" width=“500” height=“281” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen>

There you go… Nice paint Sir! :slight_smile:

Ran the Lotus and got a PB myself, 0:32.719 (#92 on LB). Great stuff!! Will build the Mustang later.

Thanks bud!


Thanks for the design, the only painting I do is just changing the colour of the car lol so thanks again and also good time on topgear west

flickr keeps changing so often I always struggle to find the darn image link…and then again, last night was a rough night…thanks for posting the pics.

Yas Marina North-Alt: 59.612 (PB#99); first lotus up in the top 100.
Yas Marina Corkscrew: 2:07.923 (PB#62)

Great job and thanks, i was struggling on that car yesterday to get decent times.nice paint chicken heart, the car has real character.

Great little car! I got 2 PBs and working an a 3rd with some minor changes to the tune. I am playing around with the TPs, ride height and downforces to get PB’s at the Oval and Prague. I am relatively new (only months) to gaming and FM5 so these will be my own personal challenges and not necessarily LBs. Thanks for the build/tune. I love how it drives, very manageable for me as a newbie. I recommend to newcomers as myself, and, I can tell the better drivers also like it.

thanks guys hope the tune helped you out for the leaderboards