New Fanatec Cross-platform Wheel

Over the last few days Fanatec have been releasing teaser shots regarding a new piece of hardware, the latest one (from today) is especially interesting…

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I do hope so, it’s about flipping time! -.-

I seen that. I even commented on Fanatec’s blog. This is the one case where I hope Thomas and company aren’t announcing something before it’s ready to ship.

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Fanatec posted on the 22nd that it will be available immediately.

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Thanks. I don’t Facebook, so I didn’t know about a street date.

I’ve been watching this too, it looks like it’s going to be direct drive rather than belt (Thrustemaster) or gears (MadCatz) so will probably be ridiculously expensive. Hope I’m proved wrong.

If you want to know where picture 1 (7) came from see here:

The whole world is watching lol. Unfortunately, the FFB in FM5 is so dire for everything other than lateral Gs that it really doesn’t matter any more. The wheel would be way too good for the game. There’s always PCs I guess …


I’m with you there - if the cost is silly money why would anyone get it for the Xbox One? Having said that if pCARs is amazing (not just a pretty game) I could be tempted LOL.

what a fizzer, pointless in the end Fanatec…Get ready for tomorrow…

Well, now its seems its all about the ‘prestige project’ Thomas was talking about on the iRacing forums earlier this year. Its likely going to be a direct drive wheel (i assume) in order to compete against the SimXperience AccuForce wheel. Thomas mentioned that this project will only see a few to be produced, that would explain the ‘invitation only’ hint (and the ‘next generation’ hint as well). According to his earlier posts they just want to show whats possible and its not supposed to be widely available.

However, don’t be sad, it will likely be way above budget of most ppl in here (me included) as i wouldn’t expect a direct drive wheel to be sold under 2.000 USD (the AccuForce is going to be around 4.000 if i recall correctly). The motors alone are going to be around 200-300 USD each and the whole base needs to be made of high grade materials in order to cope with the torque these motors can produce. And i dont believe it will support current-gen consoles, as this is clearly not the target market they are aiming for with such sophisticated hardware.

This would also explain why they released some high priced, nearly life size rims and the universal hub they recently announced, the rims alone are being sold for over 300 quids. All that would tie nicely together with an upcoming pro wheel with a price tag way above 1.000 USD, as i dont think that the average simracer-joe will shelve out 300 bucks for a rim alone.

But that’s just all speculation from my side, we will find out tomorrow i guess. However, if its really about the prestige project, its going to be another PR fail from Fanatec. You don’t tease the public like that if its going to be available only to a very small group of their customers. Guess TM will see an increase of wheel orders soon then.

But if they gonna announce a CSW successor with a reasonable price that supports our well beloved Xbox One, I would take a bow and salute to Fanatec, very nice PR stunt indeed. :wink:

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Read the last few pages of this thread in GTPlanet before jumping to conclusions.

WOW. Those guys aren’t pulling any punches.

Nice to see that Thomas is still active over there. Even after the complaints.

Waiting for tomorrow as well. Ain’t like I got a choice.

The curtain has just been lifted, its gonna be a CSW V2 wheel. Well done Fanatec, i take a bow as promised :wink:

more infos here:

The base itself is only for PC but console compatibility will be added later this year by a special rim, looks like this one will include the ID chip thats necessary to get it recognized by XBoxOne and PS4

This seems to be a very smart approach from Fanatec, by putting console compatibility into the rim. It even looks like you can make “old” bases compatible this way.

Its currently invitation only, which means that existing customers will be served first. You should get a code per email and you will be eligible for a pre-oder discount. After ordering the wheel you will receive a second invitation code to buy a second base or give it to a friend

Regular Price is 599 Euros / 599 USD for the base
Pre-Order discount is 499 Euros / 499 USD

Well well well. Looks like I will pick one up as soon as it is available for the general public. Looks like my Thrustmaster TX (even though I do love it. Way better than my previous wheel, MS Wheel) will be sitting in my closet. Well I better check out pedals on amazon and get me a set now & shifter. Then I will get me the best base they offer (looks like they will have several) & rim for Xbox One. Although I prefer to have a F1 rim that lights up & show you what gear you in (like the one Rene Rast uses sometimes in his Project Cars YouTube videos).

The light show on Rene Rast’s videos came from a program called FanaLEDS. That program would allow the lowly CSR to use the tuning display as a shift light and current gear. It also adds support from third party shift lights, and racing displays. Sadly this program is not supported or available on the Xbox platforms.

I hope a XB1 compatible custom hub adapter is in the works.

They cleary hinted at mid-range bases. I will wait for those and then make a decision. The Clubsport wheel is absolutely amazing though, tried it two weeks ago and I was blown away. I never expected it to be THAT good. I don´t even know why people compare it to the T500RS.

Decisions, decisions…

From what I read, the T500 is touted to be a little more powerful, smoother and more reliable.

After trying both in the space of one hour I don´t know why people say such thing. I liked the T500RS but the CSW was definitely more powerful and smoother. Also faster, but that might be due to the F1 wheel. The only thing which I found better in T500 was the very low FFB effects which seem to pass through the wheel better and more consistently. The materials used in CSW (on the exterior) are way better than those found in the T500.
Its a different league.

As far as reliability I can´t say anything as they are not mine.

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I take it that people were butt hurt or basing the CSW’s performance off of the CSR-E or something?

Scratching my head on why I wrote that in the first place. I guess, I have to stand by that claim.
There appears to be an equal amount of pro CSW comparisons out there. I wasn’t looking in the right places.

Little more powerful, yes. Smoother, no. More reliable, motor wise yes other parts are not as robust as a csw

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