New Endurance Hopper

Will the new endurance hopper have simulated damage like the endurance races have?

it could be an endurance r class hopper only for race cars not sure about damage

I’m really hoping for damage. First and foremost because I like racing that way. Second, because I think it would be a good test of the filtering potential of a full damage hopper.

A troll’s mind doesnt work like that, they dont care about finishing a race, if they ruin yours and others before their car is too damaged to move, then their job is done, they will quit the race and join another to do the same again.

I know because I have suffered with this from SPA and Silverstone Damage Enduro’s.


I raced both Spa and Silverstone also. Because of an ISP issue that weekend of Spa, I did at least half the race close to a dozen times before finally completing it. There were trolls in all the races and I was wrecked in the opening laps and limped to the pits. Over the course of the first half hour the field would shrink to around 4 or 5 racers and we would have decent racing. The last Spa race that I completed I was fortunate to get through the entire race without a wreck and pitted once to change tires. I found the same trend with the field shrinking over time. I finished the race in first place and lapped the remaining racers multiple times. After the initial exodus of some of the field, the remaining racers did not try to run me off the road when I passed them. I had the luxury of a very large lead so I was able to choose when I passed taking advantage of mistakes. I haven’t experienced a long promotional endurance race where trolls were active the entire race. I know there are people who have from reading posts about their experience. I think the length of the races will determine the severity of troll behavior.

I also think it might stump a few people and stop ramming :slight_smile: if they cant finish a race because of stupidness and a lack of respect for other racers they might buggar off elsewhere.

the 2nd SPA race I had, I had a very persistat troll hunt me, i had a massive lead he still hit me 4 times as he waited for me pretty much every time I went round, he also went after other people as well, so i came across him every few laps, most the time I managed to dodge him, or he was busy going for someone else, but he still made me pit 4 times.

First attempt of SPA, again I had a good lead that should of secured a win, but 3 trolls lasted out most of the race and again caused me to puit 4 times, I managed to get back to 2nd place on the last lap.

Silverstone was as you said, 5 trolls made everyone quit, and by 5 laps in I was on my own, as it took 5 restarts at Silverstone (after I quit from trolls) the final attempt I just stuck with it on my own hot lapping.

I had the troll problem at Spa also. The clown in my hopper only lasted 10 minutes though. Even after a collision, I was limping back to pits and even got nailed when on the grass to let other guys through. The trolls will always be there, it’s just an unfortunate part of racing online, enduro or not

Remember, those people who are wrecking people and ruining normal game play should be REPORTED by going into VIEW GAMER CARD, then Report or block, followed by Report, then select Unsporting behavior. There is then a box to fill in “CRASHER” - disruptive in races, causes wrecks, etc. Followed by Report to Xbox.

If you have the accurate gamertag, in the Xbox One Dashboard, go to Friends, in the left column use either “Recent Players” or “Find someone” and put the tag in there. The same reporting system as above is in effect, and you can file the report there.

This sends a report directly to the Xbox LIVE Policy Enforcement Team which will investigate, maybe even visit and observe the offender during gaming sessions, and then ban that person from not just a single game but Xbox LIVE itself. It also is recorded against their reputation.

Question on this. The last time I tried to use this, it was not possible to fill in the box. Once I went in to the box to put in text there was no obvious way to continue after entering the text without bailing out and starting over. What is the trick to let the process know that you have finished entering text? I tried multiple times and could never get past that point. Finally just had to report with no explanation.

After entering text press B then scroll over to send report, took me a second to figure it out too.

I had my LeMans event ruined because the damage was on and a troll and his buddy kept wrecking me so his buddy can win. The trolls will show up no matter what and they would probably prefer having the damage on because it messes up your race even more. I would enjoy having damage on in lobby’s until the troll joins in.