Hey guys A1D3N2456 here :slight_smile: just wanted to say I love the idea of the drift adventure its making it easy to find mates to drift with. Target achieved :slight_smile: but if I have one thing to say about it is its depressing to see b and a class drift comps??? To me it dissent make since what drift car can be used at a or b class? Because I have over 100 drift cars and the only cars that are possibly taken in are stock standard cars? And noons wants to drift in stock standard. Then when I did find a s1-s2 class adventure then all my drift cars went available? I love the active drift racing just think it needs some more thought :slight_smile: we want smoke! That means no snow, we want power! And that means less restrictions. Other than that love the drift tracks :slight_smile: thanks for giving us a great game forza!

i agree with you, i wish i could just say i never want AWD drifts and never in snow then it would be perfect, now i check what type it is and leave if i don’t like it… there is choice but we can’t choose :confused:

Same for me. Regarding the drift cars i dont see it so badly, I’ve made A800 drift cars and then 2nd tier where there is no limit :slight_smile:

Bigger problem is what Driftyboy says… I join drift adventure not an powerslide adventure :smiley: I leave all the AWD’s… worst scenario is when it joins you into RWD adventure and you wait 5 mins to end the round and new one raises and its AWD! :smiley:

If you drift often and want to hook up, hit me up on X1 :slight_smile:

I haven’t done many Drift adventures but I am with you guys … I just skip the AWD ones…
I guess that is why I haven’t done many …it is a pain getting to a RWD adventure …

I have actually just bought the Fortune island add on … the drifting there is fantastic compared to the DA

Hey guys A1D3N2456 here :v: i do have to agree. Getting to know the adventure and starting to do up specific A and B class cars it definately is possible. And I have to agree a second time but with a twist hahaha I like the awd drifting but it is unfair… When joining a comp everyone leaves. Problem 1 (this is because those that tune get the points). solution 1 (make drift suspension setup also include a awd drift tune eg %95 to back and can then be tweaked and tuned from there :ok_hand::+1: and for 2 I believe awd comps should have power as its difficult! To make a A-B class awd drift car… Idk anyone anywhere ever that does hahahaha rear wheel A-B is great. Thanks guys :v:

Hey guys A1D3N2456 here again sorry about the multiple post for practicly the same thing. But about all these complaints about awd in drift comp, I think the main reason people absolutely disagree with it is even if u do make and tune a awd drift car (for A-B class), and enter into a drift event its cool. It ifishly worked for u. But! Then your chucked into a snow event for A-B and the main way anyone makes a A-B class car they drop the grip back this then creates the problem of not being able to hold a drift and having to throw it, to get anything descent. And when u can’t gain grib this creates a really bad driving experience aspechaly because of the restricted online experiance , and with this I humbly request that u allow private drift adventure or at least allow us to to start a drift adventure with convoy members, this would also help as people would be able to test there cars​:+1::ok_hand:

OK truthfully this awd stuff is making me tired of drifting! And that’s not good! Entering into drift adventure to have 4 awd events in a row! Is soooo not cool! There are more awd events then rwd! What is this? It seems like u guys are perposfully trying to wreck drifting? The same events over and over again weighting for rwd. And I have to do 4 consecutive awd events? Seriously. What is the point in this! And then on top of things the when getting your wheelspins u can’t see what your winning? WHY! I’m pritty sure just from activeness u guys could see that awd events, espechally A-B are pointless and a ghoast town!

And for people like my girlfriend this is especially annoying! If u guys make it pay to play. No one will! If these drift adventure are because there are awd drift cars is sad. And I’m not buying a car pack to drive in a ghost town by myself! + when besting a player that has paved they instantly leave! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: please tell me what the point in this is! :+1::ok_hand: and looking at real awd drift cars. U ask Kent block himself! He likes power! And I think everyone in the world agrees! Power if u are to have awd if not your just hand breaking and that’s not drifting!

And there is a easy simple fix!? 2 rwd events to the 1 awd event! Simple as that, 4 consecutive awd events is a no go! Simple

Nobody has fixed this yet. It is so aggrevating this is just such lazy Programming or whatever that we cant choose between AWD and RWD. I refuse to drift awd and even having to switch from one to another is stupid cause its two totally different techniques and skills and having to alternate just makes it that much harder. I just tried Joining a drift adventure 9 times! and getting awd every time so far all i wanna do is A800 class RWD and here i am wasting like 2 hours of my time in loading screens for a 15 min session that never came. Seriously 9 times in a row! awd even if it is random how does that happen i give up if i had more time i would keep trying just to see how many times in a row that i get screwed with AWD. Just get rid of AWD altogether who even likes that. Fix this already jesus how can this be so overlooked!!

Can’t agree enough with this. I understand that there might be some people who enjoy AWD drifting, so if nothing else implement some kind of ratio into the randomizer that significantly reduces the AWD sessions that are created from matchmaking. From my personal experience, I’d say AWD drift adventures make up at least 80% of the sessions “randomly” created.

I can make the bit of code to make drift adventurers searchable… They already have a set, which could be snipped from Playground Games.

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Wym by that?

Wym by that?

What they should do is make players select AWD only, RWD only, or both. Then when it is looking for players, it can match people based on that. If you select both, you’ll be matched a lot faster but I think people would be fine with waiting a while longer if they got what they were looking for.