New dlc porsche carrera 992 - poor quality modelling / wrong gearbox (no 8th speed)

Was very excited with the 992, though during my first drive I notice the gearing is wrong, turns out it only has 7 gears…
7 gears only, with ratios from 991.2

992 Spec Sheet
The 8 gears from Porsche’s spec sheet


992 comes with a 7 speed manual as well.

Not relevant at all, in-game model is clearly PDK.

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Which ratios does it have? Manual or PDK?

Minor issue.


But an issue nonetheless, if we continue to be ok with every single mistake we’ll eventually end up with half-a***d DLC cars for full price. I agree that missing one gear it’s not end of the world especially with arcade game like FH4, but if Microsoft have some kind of premium deal with Porsche they should at least read the prospects and tech specs before releasing cars :wink:


If you equip the race transmission which ratios does it have? At least if it has the manual ratios the physics side of the car agree with themselves. I’m sure the people who modeled the car aren’t the same people who copied the transmission specs. Give them a break. It’s not as big a deal as the 650S Spyder.

ALSO the cockpit view is zoomed in too much. Can barely see the steering wheel. Plus the quality of the model is very poor compared to other non DLC Porshes. The same bad quality that the new M5 has. What’s up with the DLC cars? Are they serious? The modeling seems very poor quality compared to standard cars. It looks plasticy.

Despite all the bugs this game has, despite the online backlash… I was still enjoying it and consider it to be the best car game period.

What made this game amazing to me and so many others was the high standard quality of the car models in-game and on the environment of the map. I can make my piece with the online mode being terrible, I can make my piece with the car sounds being most of them unrealistic even compared to FH3, I can make my piece with bugs everywhere… I can even accept some cars to have bad quality and poor modeling…

But I have had enough. Since the BMW M5 DLC most of their DLC cars have terrible modeling. I won the new Cayenne Turbo from a wheelspin which is a very rare car and I was disgusted by the poor quality modeling of the car. It looked so fake and plastic. It was so unlike Forza. I sold it immediately. The same happened with the M5, only this time this was a paid DLC car. The new BMW M5 has terrible quality and it seems so rushed out. SO guess what, I sold this car too. Couldn’t drive it at all. All of the colors look too damn shiny and the interior is so so fake looking.

And then the new 911 got released…

Let’s talk about the new DLC 911 Carrera 992 car. I was soooooo excited for this car. I’m a die hard Porsche fan and this was the first time a regular 911 was introduced to the game. And let me tell you the same story again. The car has so poor quality. It looks so rushed out, If I compare it with the likes of the other in-game porsches it looks horrible. It really does. It’s like is a kit car. Looks plasticy and more like a mod for a game rather than a proper model. AND THIS IS A PAID CAR.

The interior? I mean c’mon. For real… I’m one of the few people that only drives in cockpit view. This car’s cockpit view is so zoomed in you can’t even see the steering wheel. I mean c’mon are they serious? I play on PC and YES I have the FOV slider to max. Plus the interior looks like it’s painted rather than designed. I mean this is a paid car. [Mod Edit - Profanity & user removed - D].

WHAT ARE THEY DOING? Is this the new standard of Forza Horizon cars? Is this what am I going to expect from Forza Horizon 5?

Like I said I can make my piece with most bad things in Forza Horizon 4, but this new trend of DLC cars having such poor quality… this is where I draw the line. I’m not asking for much. I expect the high end quality of previews years. What’s up with the modeling team? I’m officially very very skeptical of Forza Horizon 5. I won’t even bother getting it if this goes on.


Also I forgot to mention that the new Porsche 992 has an 8-speed PDK transmission, while the in-game model has a 7-speed transmission. This is a joke. It’s a paid car and they didn’t even bother dong a simple research. This is so worrying for the future… Nobody else cares that they are releasing poor quality cars with wrong specs?? I mean what’s next? A car with wrong horsepower, wrong budge? It’s so frustrating


People gripe about HP being wrong on various cars from time to time. And some car recently had the wrong badge on the interior, along with the incorrect stock rims.

I dont saw the porsche in game, but you get it with an 7 shift manual gearbox, and this i saw in reallife.

imagine future porsches if the brand only keeps the 8-speed PDK

so all these porsches in future releases will coming with wrong gearbox too?

it’s a simple thing, so frustrating indeed

You’re throwing a fit because it doesn’t have an 8th gear that you’ll use maybe once in the game?


But it makes the whole game unplayable lol

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The quality looks great. I have no complains. I love the car despite it’s physic flaws tbh

Minor issue. Just a text string away from perfection.

In a game where cars released with wrong wheels and textures, etc., you sound like a child for being so upset over this small inaccuracy.

You shouldn’t be running 8 gears in a competitive tune anyway. If anything, in Forza we should have had the ability to delete gears in a Race transmission and to keep the full set after conversion to AWD, but I digress.

As for the 3D model, it doesn’t seem low quality to me. I had this impression with the ZR1 but not the 992. Honestly, there are many ForzaVista models with fewer polygons than they should, but this is because a fully working model in Forza requires fully functional doors, hood and trunk lid as well as modeled engine bay, engine, suspension and trunk interior. This is something Polyphony doesn’t have to do for Gran Turismo and is often forgotten by people who conveniently make comparison videos to make Forza look bad next to other games, especially GT.

I like the car and I love the interior. Too bad I gotta switch it AWD to make it competitive but thats a problem with all the cars and makes me sad.

Manual and its ratios isn’t out yet, the car in game is PDK with that gear lever and paddles

Thank you, I’m just getting worry about the drop in quality and accuracy in the Forza Series, the newer cars should be more accurate than the ones before, not less as time goes by