New DLC cars

1: sl 55 AMG mercedes

2: ADD PORCHES NOT JUST RUF’S i would like a 911 or something like that

3: BMW m6

4: any Rolls Royce

5: Pagani Zonda Revolucion

6: Porches 918 so we can have all 3 of the hybrid super cars that would be cool

Thank you and please consider it

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Move your post to the Horizon 2 Car wishlist thread. It is one of the sticky ones at the top of the list. Individual wishlists will get locked as they tend to clog up the forums when there is already a great wishlist thread going.

Also I doubt Porsche will make it in to Horizon 2, hopefully they will be in Forza 6!

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A Ruf is a Porsche in all but name ?
All to do with licensing I would have thought.