New cars labeled new, how to remove the icon?

So when you get a new car it has a new icon in the bottom right of the car(in your garage). Is there any way to remove that or do you have to view every car that is new to remove that icon?

you need to get in it to remove the new symbol

If you go in your garage at a house or the festival, you can just go into view car, and then exit back to garage, and that will do it also, without getting in and out of cars. You have to be in your house garage for it to work right.

Yes I knew that already, but viewing the car also takes a while and I have alot of new cars. so there’s no way to just quickly remove it?

Viewing it is the fastest way. When you back out of the view, it drops you to the spot you left off in the garage. If you get in the car, it puts you back to the beginning of the garage. It really doesn’t take that long, just do few cars a day. I would just view the car as soon as I got it so I was able to keep control of it before it got out of hand.

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