New cars have first box marked off on the mastery tree

So this sucks… I always collect my dupes from the wheel spin so I can get the XP/credits from the first mastery spot. I have all the cars in the game already so everything is a dupe for me. and now it’s automatically marking the first box of every car I get from a wheel spin because all the ones in my inventory already have that box marked. please don’t tell me this is some way that they’re trying to keep people from getting extra XP and they consider this intentional.

I’m guessing this is intentional. I just bought a car from the autoshow to see and sure enough first box marked already, so any duplicate cars I get will never be able to get that xp. What a bunch of garbage!

I don’t see anything about this in the patch notes at all. So it’s either another glitch that they’ve added which they’re really good at when they patch or they just didn’t want to talk about it. Either way it’s unacceptable trash.

So this is just flat-out broken. I just picked up the Tachyon which is one of the cars for this week’s season. I’ve never had this car before so it’s not a duplicate and it already has the first box in the mastery tree marked. So there’s just some new bug that’s in the game since today’s patch. These guys are amazing how bad they can make a game which started out in pretty rough shape. Congrats on going the wrong direction on your patches.


Not sure if it’s a bug, or not.

I have absolutely all available cars for this day (538), but I decided to check what you are talking about. I bought Toyota Supra RZ '98 and all the car mastery for this are OK, you can get 10,000XP without any problems from the first box.

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Wow really?!? How is it that my individual game is bugged and now every first box is already marked???

It is amazing how bug-ridden this mess of a game is. So frustrating to play sometimes. Otherwise the actual racing part of the game is great, but so many UI and system bugs.

If someone else can test this by buying any cheap car and seeing if the first mastery box is available please. then I’ll know it’s specifically just me and I can put in a support ticket for something that will likely not be fixed if I’m the only person experiencing it.

Fine for me too (PC, latest version) - new cars have all the mastery’s available.

Hope you get it sorted!

Just bought new Ford Fiesta ST, everything is still locked: