New Car Distribution Suggestions

I think that there should be a new way to distribute new cars in the monthly updates for Forza Horizon 5. I think the festival playlist returning to fh5 as a way to earn new cars introduced in updates is nice however I think it would be better to perhaps utilize the new features in fh5 to distribute cars a different way to set it apart from Forza horizon 4. For example, some cars could be earned by completing accolades, or completing an expedition (potentially opening up ideas for expedition remixes like showcase remixes), maybe even completing custom unique races such as the race with the parade floats, or completing freeroam events like horizon arcade. This would make earning cars a lot different and allow players to get encouraged to try out everything the game has to offer. The festival playlist would still be welcome though, I just think it would be better as a way to perhaps get a chance to earn more expensive cars, past series cars or rarer cars earned through methods such as wheelspins. The forzathon shop I think could also function the same way to give players a different way of earning rarer, past series or more expensive vehicles. Cars featured in many past games would also I think be more appreciated as being added to the autoshow instead to avoid confusion on which cars are new to the Forza series. If anybody agrees with me or wants to bring up something involving this feel free to drop a response! I’d love to hear what everybody else thinks!

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They have alternative ways of acquiring cars such as when you acquire all cars from a manufacturer you unlock a reward which sometimes contains a car.

Personally I would like to see better use of barn finds. Instead of showing barn finds on the map I would hide this and I would randomly place them on the map with highly sort after cars as a way to encourage players to explore the map. I would make finding them rare to so that it’s more of a thrill opposed to logging in each day to see some rando gifted you a crap car.

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That isnt what I’m talking about. I’m talking about new ways to dish out cars added with each series update.