New bug when joining online free roam. Makes your car spin out of control.

So last night i started playing in offline mode.

Was driving on the motorway when i paused the game and selected “Horizon Life” to join an online session.

So i am driving in-game again and get the regular “Searching for online session” appears at the top of the screen.

All of a sudden, the game tries to go into some kind of cut scene and my car spins out of control and stops… It basically pulled the E-brake at 140mph.

This stupid broken cut scene now happens EVERY TIME i join an online game.

Can’t we go just one month without a new game breaking bug?

I am playing on Xbox One S btw. So its not a PC bug this time.

… And no, i have not submitted a bug report because support haven’t bothered to answer my last 3 which have been waiting weeks for a reply, so what is the point?

And what happens after your car stops?

I get stuck in a broken cut scene loop, until the car is eventually reset on the road.

My game won’t let me pause it if I switch apps and then resume Horizon 4. I can drive around as much as I want to but I can’t bring up the map or anything. Rewind, telemetry, and photo mode also stop working.

Restarting the game fixes it, so it’s not very serious - but it’s annoying waiting for the game to load.

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Experienced the same. It seems that it mostly happens when suspending FH while being online, like at the end of a CS for instance. at restart the game goes to free roam and the pause menus and other features are not accessible. For now, I have not done it but, in the past, I fixed some bug ( game crashing at race start ) by reinstalling the whole game. Someone tested it?

It wouldn’t be a big issue if the updates were coming with interesting improvements to compensate. Hope some enjoy those as personally, most if not all of the 2020 updates came decreasing the experience.

I think a lot of people misinterpret what “game breaking” means. I encounter the same bug as tardii when switching back and forth to Hulu, but I wouldn’t describe it anywhere near as game breaking. You admitted your car resets and then you go on your way, so it’s not exactly breaking the game is it?

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I think you have low standards if you find this acceptable tbh.

The bug where the save spinner keeps spinning forever unless you fast travel somewhere, or enter/leave a garage, is still there as well, although that has been there since before this patch, it's just one of the other never-fixed bugs. Maybe this new one will join that inglorious club.

That’s not what he said is it
He said it’s not game breaking
And it’s not
Hopefully it’s fixed soon since that little patch we got didn’t fix it