New and need help please.

I got all 20 of the FandF bonus. it said i would have a new car to collect in garage in 24 hours. Its been 4 days. I went and completed 100% and still no car. Im not to happy with this FandF add on right now. can anyone help. is there more i have to do? i really want to see what the car is.

You have to go to the Forza Hub to claim it.

The free car is for the full FH2 game not the FnF pack.

Ive tried the Hub aswell. All i have is millions of credits no car

The car is a toy supra, and it is avail on ForzaHorizon2; so, if I understand correctly F&F is your very 1st Forza, and since its only for ForzaHorizon 2 its not going to show up. Sorry Hope that answered your question. D

Look for the thread about it on here - has Supra Sparrow in the title – and it has pictures of the car so you can see it. You’re not missing much, it’s a painted in-game Supra from FH2.