New ambitions!

Why not create a new game?

A mix of …

A game for download packages. Each download, an American state.

All America on a map. Monuments, famous buildings.

Each state six months of elaboration.

The game includes gas stations. The car consumes gasoline.

The game includes many unforeseen road things. Landslides, police controls, radar …

The game must include penalties if you hit vehicles or leave the road. Penalties of time. Reward clean driving. Repair workshops for payment vehicles.

The game must be more simulation. A car is not a rocket. I insist you must improve the simulation a lot.

The attractiveness of the car dealer should be enhanced. Car history …

The game should be easier. Simpler interface

We talk about circuits of hundreds and hundreds of miles. 600-mile cross-city races.

Garage of 1000 vehicles. Many classic and modern vehicles. Realistic sound of each car.
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