New A Class Tunes

Hey guys put some more A Class tunes up today. Check them out and have fun. :slight_smile:


You are making it hard and less likely for people to try them if they don’t know what they looking for. Or what they can do.

Makes sense.? Yes/no

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I got a decent amount of uses and downloads, but heres list bro :slight_smile:

1970 Corvette
1995 Corvette
1999 Lancer evolution VI (has 3 different tunes posted)
RX7 FD Daytona build
1999 Viper
Lotus Espirit
Skyline R34 V Spec II

They all run full brake pressure. What do you mean what can they do? I can run top 50’s on some tracks with these tunes but every driver is different.

I think would he is referring to is just taking some time and telling us about them. Refer to say… gtFOOTw’s post for a great example on how to present tunes.

I look for car / track combos… I don’t want to just buy a random car with your tune then have to try and figure out where it was built for…

There Lobby cars bro, there’s no one track in mind.

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okay :slight_smile: Thanks for the update