Never Prompted To Receive Loyalty Reward Cars / Groove Music Issues

Hi. AFTER OPENING my second Festival site in the Outback, I was never prompted to go back to the Byron Bay festival site to receive my Loyalty Reward cars. I am Tier 8 in Forza Rewards, and have played FH2 and FM6 countless times, I would like to have my free cars as it’s hard to earn money in the game. Thanks in advance to anyone from Turn 10 who can fix this for me. Also, if this helps, I never had problems receiving my VIP cars, and never restarted my game.

Also, I’m having “PLAYBACK ERROR” issues with the Groove Radio station. When I skip to the Groove station, it loads for 2 seconds, and then tells me that there was a playback error, and that I need to check my connection if problems persist. I have music in Onedrive, in M4A format, and I was really looking forward to listening to my own music. I hope both of these issues get fixed soon, especially my free cars! Thanks.

Note: I’ve already PM’ed a Turn 10 worker, posted this in the FH3 Support Sub-Forum, and still haven’t gotten a response yet. I would really appreciate it if I can get my free cars today, or tomorrow, please. Thank You.