Never had so much problems with a game

I don´t even know where to start. I am so sad to see this game behave so bad :frowning: .

Let me start from the beginning .

These are my PC specs :
i7 6700K
GTX 1070
AOC 1080p@144Hz
Windows 10 Pro v1709

First it took me 2 days to install the game. The game would SHUT DOWN my HDD that it was installing on. I have never, in my 25 years of playing games, experienced that. I was shocked.
Never mind, finally I install the game, got it going. Set up everything. Try running the game. Finish first race. BOOM. I´m back to desktop without any warning or anything.

This is what I tried so far :

Reinstalling the game (I have a Deluxe version btw)
Reinstalling GeForce drivers, from scratch (with DDU)
Shutting down every service in Windows that wasn´t needed for running the system
Shutting down all my usual applications that I use (MSI Afterburner, Logitech Gaming Software, etc)

Nothing helped. But I always get the same crash. I can drive for ONE race and when I start the second race than the game would crash randomly. But it always crashes in the second race at some point.

Since there is no patch coming soon, do you guys have any suggestion on what else could I try ???

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Same boat as you. Game still crashes since October 3rd. Whether it’s a memory leak or shoddy code who knows at this point. I strongly suggest you get a refund while you still can, because it doesen’t look like they are fixing anything.

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Just to keep this alive until someone figures out what´s going on.

I have tried the trick with Page File in Windows. Setting the page file to 25% of your total RAM size.

I tried that and the game stopped crashing for almost 20 races. Everything was fine until today.

I had to drive the 24H Spa race. I start the game, everything is great and BOOM .
In lap 5, ALWAYS in lap 5 the game just crashed to Desktop. I have tried to revert the page file to default, didn´t help. Restarting the PC also doesn´t help at all.

I don´t get. What´s with the game and that 5th lap of that race

You are not alone. The PC release is a bit of a mess. I don’t use the XB version but from what I read it’s not much better.
It’s pretty obvious they released a beta here, and Turn 10 is in danger of losing the confidence of the customers, after all the problems with Horizon 3 (some that persist to this day), to have another major release with so many issues is really damaging. CTD’s are just unforgivable in this age, especially from a major Studio, that makes plenty of money. I have had at least 20 CTD’s in F7, in various situations with various versions. Now in Leagues, CTD when starting the race, every time so far.
They just don’t seem to be getting on top of it. I’m am concerned that this will take many months to sort out.
If they listen, they need to invest more time in QA testing, it’s not rocket science.
When F7 does work it’s brilliant but I will not buy another Forza product until Horizon 3 and Forza 7 are properly fixed (Bug free)

Question to you all:
How many MS accounts you have?
One per MS Game? Or one for all MS games?

That seems like a rather odd question.

I’m sure most people use 1 MS account for all games. Having a separate account and paying a separate XBL fee for each account just to play multiplayer seems expensive. I guess with one having gold and being on the home console it could work but it still seems like more trouble than it’s worth…

I think not. In Germany pc gamer forums are many PC gamers with fake MS accounts, they buy Russian keys for Forza 30-40€/$ ! UltimateEdition and bind these to (fake) new MS Account and this is normal and not an exception;)
In this way you can easier sell the game^^ they sell the accounts.
I think several accounts on one pc can make trouble for the system.

Sorry for my bad English

Only one MS account here, but I use a local account at initial logon, then just sign in to Windows Store with the MS account.
And don’t bother suggesting I change that method because it works fine for every other app\game.

FH3 and FM7 both keep giving the “Check Your Account” message with error code 0x803F8001, every second or third time I try to launch them. Really annoying and I have all the latest OS updates.
Microsoft… If you can’t fix your store then give it up, just like Windows Mobile. I and many others would be very happy if you moved Forza over to Steam. Now that would be a day to celebrate.