Never got Tier 8 reward.

Title is pretty self explanatory. When I upgraded to Tier 8 I expected a new car(can’t remember if it was the Lambo or not) in my messages or garage and never got it. Do we not receive it when we advance or is it only given to us at the start of a new game when we receive the initial rewards?

Only given when you start a new game, iirc.

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you do NOT get loyalty cars as you go up a tier, just your weekly payout increases
you ONLY get the loyalty cars at what tier you start the game at

Yeah, I know. Never said anything about loyalty cars, only tier cars.

Loyalty cars are the tier cars
They are same thing
Loyalty reward cars for what tier you are at when you first start the game

No. Loyalty cars were the Raptor and the Rally Fighter. Tier cars are not loyalty cars.

Tomato tamato
Same thing
Tiers are due to loyalty too
I look at them the same way

But you have your answer they are only given at the start of the game
To me that’s the same as loyalty rewards

More info if required in the rewards FAQ

True. It all falls under the Loyalty Reward Program umbrella lol man I was hoping I was gonna get that McLaren.

Can always buy it from the autoshow or maybe even the auction house for cheaper lol