Never got the 918

In forzathon earlier this week, I was never able to get the achievement and unlock the 918. I performed airborne passes on and offline and in a variety of vehicles, but the game never awarded me the achievement and thus, no 918. What is more upsetting to me is the I have not seen any info as to wether they plan to redo the event so that it functions properly, or distribute the car after the fact… is this an issue anyone has had? Is there any info out there?

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The event functioned just fine; the issue was specific to your situation. And plans for #Forzathon reward ‘2end chances’ are not announced immediately following an event.

For future reference:

Reminder tips to ensure Achievements and gifts are unlocked:

  1. Go to your Settings menu for HUD and make sure Notifications are turned On. If you have 550 cars in your garage, auction/remove one or two.
  2. If you are playing on PC: make sure you have not disabled Connected User Experiences and Telemetry setting, and turn off antivirus programs (see Known Issues thread in the Support forum)
  3. Reboot before starting the challenges - hold the power button on your console until it shuts off. Also reboot any Win10 computers connected to the same router.
  4. Use the dashboard Achievement tracker to see if you are progressing through # requirements, or use a Bucket List with skills requirement.
  5. Reboot again if you see an Achievement but no gift.
  6. Make sure you are reading the requirements correctly, and ask the community for tips on proper execution. (If a “Race” doesn’t work in online, try solo mode)

Originally Posted by: JU1CE Cannon
When Challenges show ‘Complete’ but no reward you can try (in order of least impact to most):

  1. Waiting… it may be a service delay
  2. Try completing another event to trigger the event send/receipt
  3. Terminate and Restart the game
  4. Restart the Console

If you are asking for help or explanation for why you’re not receiving Achievements/awards, include the following in your post:
-The date/time you attempted the challenge
-Which platform you’re playing on
-Confirmation that you have tried all of the above troubleshooting
-If the Forzathon menu shows the challenge as complete or not
-% of completion for the challenge as shown in the console dashboard Achievements section
-If you’ve had trouble with Forzathon before or if this is a new issue.

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Can always buy in the auction house
Just dont buy the ridiculous priced ones
It just encourages the thieves to keep doing it

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Also it helps, to not wait 2 days after the event is over before you start asking for help…


Thought I might get some meaningful input… seems I was wrong…

Did you actually read all of Juices post
It included troubleshooting for forzathons
Which was taken from the main forzathon thread which you should also have read before starting a new thread

Yeah, I don’t think there were any issues with the achievement whatsoever; but, it does sound like the 918 will eventually makes itself available again, according to Brian in the most recent Week in Review:

Did you get the Porsche 918 during this week’s mid-week #Forzathon event? I hope so because it will be a while before that car is back in our #Forzathon mix.