never got my credit reward from last time

The reward money from the site has always showed up in the message center until last time. It was 3/17 i got the car pack but not my reward money at least i never saw a message about the credits. I relaunched the game also. i didnt tell the whole story there was 2 credit rewards one i redeemed the next one was to be the next day so i redeemed both without collecting the first would that matter? So thats 500k i never got not happy about it.

It beggers belief how many people post the same topic without first reading existing threads.

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for Christ sake read the posts

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I agree people should be reading the topics but you seem really angry about this issue my man.

People are getting aggravated that things are starting to stack on each other like a desk full of late paperwork and things are taking multiple weeks/months to fix one thing.


Guys,instead of giving him a hard time,tell him to use the search function at top of the page,the thing with the magnifying glass!!


Am I the only person here who has active posts as a favourite for the forza forums?

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It is just annoying, Literally like 20 different topics. It is absolute laziness. Clogging up any forum with the same thing over and over is just wrong. Yes when I come here I come to active topics. I am not sure why that is such a challenge. I should get an achievement.


Follow the Forza Rewards thread in the Tech Support forum for status updates on this issue.