Never any new paint designs

Okay so when you go into find a design it’s only the top downloads on the screen. There’s never any new designs. How do they expect new designs to get downloads if the only way to see them is to search for them. Plus following a painter doesn’t matter now because it’s always the same paint schemes. In all other Forza they’re would be a mixture of the top downloaded, followed players, and newly made designs. I was wondering why it seemed harder to get downloads in fh4 compared to others. This is why. Please change this.


Agreed, it’s almost impossible to naturally discover new/followed content now. You have to already know what you’re looking for and directly search for it, it seems.


Also agreed.


I too, also agree aswell. Lol But yeah, these little things that get changed make worlds of difference. I don’t get it sometimes.

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It seems whoever gets the car and slaps on a camo, gold or generic paint job first gets the most downloads, god forbid monster energy drink design 1234348975671287 on a classic car. The old search method in like Forza 4 was way better.

I’ve worked my way up to a whopping 5 downloads on my Skyline R33 GT-R LM paint. Some paints also don’t show in search as there is a limit to how many it shows so people can’t even download it unless they search by GT.


i am not the best painter and I wont try to suggest that my works are world class, but it its a bit of a bummer if i get a duplicate of a car and have to keyword search for my own paint, meanwhile someones put up a literally unpainted car and its got thousands of downloads and likes?

I dont think it should be possible to upload a generic painjob that consists of the default colours, manufacturer colours or the “special” ones. A person should actually have to do something for it to count as a custom paintjob and be eligible for upload. I mean anyone can pick a genetic colour by simply pressing Y when they buy the car!

Also the cars shown, there needs to be more it only seems to show like 20 at best now, and almost always more than half of them are a generic press Y paint


Yes there are a couple small changes that make a big impact. This is one of the major ones.

I have a few designs that had thousands of downloads from fh3 and fm7 that only have - couple downloads simply because unless someone searches for the right tag or my specific GT it won’t ever be seen.

^^^THIS!!! I’ve been saying this for multiple titles now. There should be a limit on the minimum numbers of layers to be able to share. And it’s amazing how they get so many downloads when people can paint their own cars the same exact color.

yep unless you already have a following your plum out of luck meanwhile the stale old designs from fh3 downloads increase as they are all anyone sees.
is why i dislike the automatic cosmetic damage in team adventure only time people see designs and there all banged up


I am assuming that how the 20 recommended designs are chosen, sorted and shown to us in Horizon 4 has to be either a bug or simply an oversight. I can’t imagine that anyone would think that only showing designs based on total numbers of downloads would be a better system than what was in previous games. You may or may not like how it works in previous games, but you have to admit it is better than what we now see in Horizon 4. I am hoping that eventually they’ll get around to looking at this and correcting it.


Just wondering how people would feel if the newest designs showed up first if they were simply colour changes?

I have yet to see a popular livery being only a generic color. Stop lying.

Another interesting one, check out the most popular design for the '92 Honda NSX. I find this one interesting because I shared a design for this car, which when I look at my designs is still shared, but it’s no longer showing in my paint hub and doesn’t show up when I search even when I search for my GT.

The most popular design is red with black wing mirrors, around 47k downloads.

It’s pretty much guaranteed nobody else will find my paint, as for whatever reason, the game has decided it doesn’t like it. As if it wasn’t hard enough lol.


Lol, check out the new car pass Lambo then. Last I looked 14 of the 20 available designs were by 4 different painters mainly colour swaps.


The rich get richer…


The life of the elite.

It’s always been this way sInce FM4. The red car green wheels painters make millions while all but a few decent painters go largely unnoticed. Check out the elite painters on the auction house, half the cars look like they were painted with crayons by a shortsighted toddler, yet somehow they are “elite” painters. A badly painted monster logo on a DB7 is not an elite design.

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I used to paint a lot from forza 2 to 6…now not so much.
No one can see what I’m making anyways and there are to many recycled paint jobs unlike the Monster drinks and the likes or the worst is a paint job that is a blue car with 2 or 3000k download.

I would like to try to paint something if you guys have any ideas for something new I will do it and put it up

The ratings are a mess. I see great people like Ace Ventura with less than 10 downloads in some of their paints. I understand the frustration.

IMO there should be no rating. There could be a curated list of those who win contests. It’s like with artists IRL, those who sell more albums aren’t necessarily better.

And we need a “Followed Players” category in the search.

That’s what this whole post is about. The way it used to be was way better. The way it is now is horrible.

We don’t want just the newest designs. We want the old way with a mixture of top downloads, followed players and new designs. When it was like this in all other Forza’s, you would only get a couple color change only designs popping up.

I hope this is sarcasm.

Why? Without any ratings all paintings would be equal and we would be in just about the same boat as we are in now. No way to find the good designs. And the contest idea wouldn’t work at all. There are way to many cars to have contests for each one. Or are you just saying in addition to the design search there should be a list.

If they just wouldn’t have changed it then we wouldn’t need a category for followed players. Every other Forza they just showed up every time.
it’s simple the designs that show up should be:

It’s just like with the engine sound problem. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it