never again Forza !!!

This game is crumbling - doing the job Survival of the Fastest (Complete the Spa-Francorchamps 100 showcase event with Extra Long Race Length enabled.)

on 65 laps the game has been suspended for 4 hours of work went into space

in perfect conditions, if you have it as stable as possible, start and go directly into the race, game becomes unstable after around 45 minutes or so, that is if you doing the long race, you going to experience some stutter at that point and micro freezes which may or may not result an eventual ctd on pc that is, i managed to 3 endurance races, but it becomes almost unplayable at some point so you do need to restart either the race by going to the menu or restart a game
i’d say until there is a “miracle” patch don’t bother doing long races, unless you hate yourself that much

I had to do all the endurance races on the xbox one because of the crashes on pc. (not sure if yours crashed on xbox or not though)