Network Problem with 2 XBox One

Hello i have the problem that i can’t play with my brother online. We have booth a XBox One and we’re in the same Network. All Ports are opened but i can’t play with him! Can someone help me or has someone the same prob?

I am only guessing here but have you tried playing other games than Horizon together? Do they work?

Don’t think it’s a topic for these forums but more for the official Xbox-forums; you are looking at a specific networking-configuration where you need to use port triggering for certain XBL-ports and disable the usual port-forwards. I would suggest jotting down as much info from you network as possible before googling/asking elsewhere; we cannot “sniff” how your setup looks like.

Also check your router settings to see if ipsec passthrough is enabled.

I can play every other XBox One Game together. But Forza Horizon 2 don’t let me do that. My Ports are all open and triggerd, my NAT is open too. Can it be that this is a Problem like the Diablo 3 RoS Problem with 2 XBoxes in one Network?