Network issues are going to make me quit this game

Who here can tell me what this means?? I get kicked then it wont even find a freeroam session…

I’ve been kicked 4 times today in rooms I was winning for a grand total of -267. Now imagine how long its gonna take me to get that back, if I even care to try and get it back.

What error does it give you?

I’ve never once been kicked from a game or had server issues and been playing since day one.

No error at all just you’ve been disconnected from the session. When it tries to connect me to a freeroam room, that’s what comes up. Wired or wireless, both have kicked me but wireless has been the most reliable today. Wireless has kicked me once, wired 3 times

Have you performed a router and console reboot?

I honestly can’t think of the last time I unexpectedly dropped from a Horizon lobby. Check that: I can. It was because my neighbor’s internet provider cut straight through my line when digging for theirs. That is to say, my connection to the Horizon servers has been solid. Perhaps the reboot will help?

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I reset my modem and my console once a week…I did that on Thursday and here I am having to do it again. Its not on my end because my connection never breaks on my other devices. Furthermore its never happened when playing other games such as Battlefield or Fortnite. It only seems to be common with this game. Totally killing my desire to play because I may win every race but get disconnected before I receive my reward as the other person mentioned…

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i had the same problem - Friday and Saturday. All other devices remain connected. Did a network test from my console and it says all is fine. It is only in Forza that I keep on getting disconnected. I haven’t gone on yet today as I don’t feel like fighting with Horizon servers.

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Fairly sure it’s not my service giving me the trouble. I’ll try it again later on today but the more I think about how much of my rank i lost yesterday over the issue, makes me not want to play at all. Seems very unfair when it’s their side ruining the experience


I don’t play MP but during this week I have had few “Session doesn’t exist” errors and connecting to new session has taken longer than usual. There have been also lot’s of posts on Forza Reddit having S1 cars entering in Trial lobbies and I experience that myself too. Now it comes to mind, that it weird on Thursday when someone entered in last round of Trial with totally legit car and all, but what happened to session where that player came from?

May very well be issues being something else than anything in your end. Definitely not cool what happened to you in MP.


It’s quite depressing. Played all day yesterday and never moved up from where the server left me. Win a couple rooms, get a few points, lose a room -25. I thought made the problem fixed itself but then I got kicked one more time for my efforts. -73, it seems to be a lost cause

I don’t get disconnected as much as you do, but it happens more than enough to upset me.

I also experience the problem reconnecting to sessions within Forza, but during these Forza disconnects can easily connect to online play in any of my other games. Other internet services such streaming, uploading, downloading, etc etc are also unaffected. I am also not seeing any connectivity issues when I check any of the network logs. As a network engineer of over 20 years, this tells me it is not me, it is not my equipment and is not my internet connection.

This has been an issue for me for several years when playing any and all of the Forza online games, but FM7 and FH4 seem to be the worst.

I find it upsetting enough having to deal with opponents who do not play fairly, but when the the game itself becomes an unfair opponent, it is no longer fun at all.

This is why I play Forza on line as little as possible at this point.

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ever game i play online this week had network issue.

Sometimes getting disconnected has nothing to do with your internet connection. My xbox has loading issues which cause me to disconnect all the time. If I choose a car before the thumbnails are loaded before a race, I get disconnected. I have two xbox ones and it happens on both of them.

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Same here, it doesn’t happen very often but it does happen and it isn’t a problem at my end, on a perfectly reliable fibre + wired connection.


Had the same problem as you, but on FH3. Could never find an online session, and when I did (after 3 mins at best, 15 at worst) I got disconnected 30 secs later. Always happened.
Never found the source of the problem (wasn’t ma old Xbox nor my router) so I just gave up. It sucks.

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yeah, something is definitely wrong with FH4 and online lag. I have a group of friends who have raced together throughout all the previous releases both Horizon and Motorsports. There are network issues which prevent side by side racing and the finishing order of the race. There is a car length difference which causes invisible collisions.

In all the previous games we can race side by side without touching and have some exciting finishes which sadly is not the case in this game.

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Yeah i’m also a few steps from giving up myself. I was about 100 points from being GM now i’m all the way down to league 3. 4807 down to 4474. It will probably take me a month to get that back literally.

And to you Xcelrate I dont remember the connections ever being this bad. I can probably count on one hand how many times I got disconnected playing online adventure in FH3, same with FH2. Maybe some new tech they’re using is ruining the experiences for us seasoned veterans. I’m somewhere near 4000 hours played in this game and 95% of that is in online adventure. If I cant play that, why would I even play?

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Same Issue here. Yesterday it was pretty fine but today i get Disconnects after Disconnects from Freeroam Sessions. Days before i had some Network Laggs in Forza Horizon but just in Forza, other Games have no Issues and i checked my Ping every halb Hour to make sure there nothing wrong with my Network-Connection. Had a Ping between 14 and 20 every single Time and every Package which sent.

I thought iam the only one who experience this Problem but at least i´m sure its a Problem with the Game-Servers.


Just got DC’d from 3 ranked matches in a row at the very end before it could actually make me rank up. And I know for a fact it’s not my own internet because every other game that I play online does not have server issues.

10/10 Servers, Turn 10. Would totally recommend your servers for online play.


Today, I got disconnected 6 times in 1.5 hours gameplay, in free roam for no error message just “You have been disconnected from the session” and have only option for retry or horizon solo.