Hey guys,do you think neons will be in the game(for night cruising)as i really hope they will because it would look really cool and if they didn’t want to dedicate a button just for neon they could make it part of the lights!(Hopefully you will be able to switch them on/off manually if you wanted to!)


I’m very sorry to say that there is barely a chance that they would ever implement neon, as Forza is not a franchise focused on street racers and that kind of genre. Secondly, it would make the game very unrealistic, while that is exactly where they are going for. If you really want a game with neon (even though i don’t know if i’m allowed to “sell” you any other game than Forza on these forums), try Midnight Club LA :wink:

Get an older NFS game,this is Fooorza!


I HAVE NFSU2 so that’s where I got the thought!

Personally I hope they never ever go for that kind of thing IMO it would be pretty crap.


You’re so right. We need more Dodge Neons. A 1999 RT with the high-output 2.0L DOHC engine and close ratio gearbox would be cool, and maybe the 2005 SRT-4 version as well.



Neons, NOS, hideous aftermarket bodyskirts, NFS can keep it all. If you want that kind of thing, go and play NFS, Forza is a realists game.


how do you figure nos, neons, and bodykits are not realistic???

To be fair, I worded that wrong.

I meant to mean that how often do you see Neons and overly exaggerated bodykits being used in racing? You don’t.

When I meant a realistic game, I meant realistic to racing.


Last NFS game with a big emphasis on neons is Underground 2, which is 10 years old. It stopped right after. Now, bodykits are different.

DTM car
Ford GT
Mazda Rx-7

DTM car
Ford GT
Mazda Rx-7

Again, that’s not what I meant.

I was talking about this, or maybe this, or this?

I am talking about those bodykits. Racing paraphernalia is different. Those are designed for racing, NOT the hideous cheap stuff that you buy from DIY shops for £14.99 a bumper.

A few things I hope to never see in Forza,

NOS and Neons…


Nope. I am certain they are not.

bolts Dodge Neon to underside of Acura RSX

I think I’ve missed the point of this fad.


Please no “Boost”/NOS or neon… If they set a FH in Japan then we can talk crazy customization.

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They’re just poorly designed bodykits. It’s not as bad as people here make it out to be in Need For Speed games. Then again, people didn’t had to use those, except maybe NFSU2, but taking a SUV and ricing the hell out of it while keeping the other cars stock fixes the issue. Also, the rice mods is just a phase from 2003 with NFSU to after 2008 with Undercover. All other NFS games don’t have “rice your car” customization except for a possible few. There are far more worse games when it comes to ricing up your car.

If they do ever add neon lights, interior or exterior, then they would have to add police cars to pull you over if caught with them on and you would be forced to pay the fine to progress.

NOS, Neons and the like are all real things, so as long as they’re implemented realistically I consider that a good thing for Forza. =)

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What is all this taking about realism, authentic racing and police cars? Horizon is a videogame built around the premise of illegal street racing where there are no consequences to driving around, disobeying the law. To that end, I think it’s fair to say the aforementioned three items can be tossed out the window entirely. Should Horizon include neon vehicle lighting? My mind tells me ‘no’; but, the whole concept of Horizon very much seems to invite these kinds of vehicle modifications. So, who am I to say it doesn’t belong in the game?


Whats next Shadow,car stereos that rattle our house windows as they drive by?