Needed Improvements on Designsearch and applying saved public designs to cars

With Forza Horizon 5 I hope the devs improve the Designsearch, especially with the keyword search,
more options would be fine, like a “itasha” option for all those that enjoy cute anime girls on their cars, it would also help to filter out all this Monster Energy designs, if people don’t like it etc.

On top, and the more important improvement would be a easier way to browse your saved designs,
I find it really hard to keep track which designs are for which car and without a filter it is quite frustrating.
Especially when you own more cars from the same type, (like the Subaru WRX) and visual clues are nearlly non existend.


For the first part of your request, although I agree it would be nice to be able to filter out certain things, I think it relies on the person creating the design to add it as a keyword first, which is already a feature. They could add more keyword options and hope people use them, but I suspect a large number of users already don’t use the keywords available.

However I massively agree with your next bit. Trying to find designs in your saved designs is a huge headache that I’d love to see improved. In previous games although the designs weren’t in order, they did at least have the make and model of the car on them, but in Horizon 4 there was nothing, and although I appreciated that they change to a tile view instead of one car at a time, this made it even harder to find the specific one you were looking for.

I’d really love some sort and filter functions in the my designs menu, and I’d also really like if you could view a car in your garage, and see if you had any saved designs for the car you’re looking at.

Picking liveries in FH4 is terrible. There’s no preview option on what the livery looks like, you just have to rely on the thumbnail of each livery you choose.

FH5 needs to go back to it’s way in terms of previewing liveries.

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