Need some moon's and some ambient sounds

Project Cars has several moon’s in tracks, and maybe some ambient

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Try Elite: Dangerous. Plenty of moons (don’t bother scanning 'em, they’re worthless).

The super-bright floodlights on tracks like Daytona would drown out the moon (same reason there’s no starfield in old moon landing footage).

If you have time to search the sky for astronomical objects whilst driving SPA or Nurburgring, you either aren’t driving fast enough, or are already upside-down in a ditch :wink:


Forza has a controller set up that actually allows you to play the game using the default controller without having to adjust controller settings independently for every car you wish to drive; among other things.

Speaking of other things, you know what your post really sounds like to me? FEATURES WISHLIST!!!

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At night they could remove ALL trackside objects and I wouldn’t even notice :slight_smile: