Need some help deleting all designs

heards some kind of bans where coming for some specific sun image or something so how do i delete every skin at once i just want a total purge far to many skins with allmost 600 cars and the UI takes like a minute each at times for no particular reason at all

Not sure if there is a full wipe option.

Primarily they are focused on specific iconography in the designs like the following:

Confederate Flags
Black Sun
Arrow Cross
Iron Cross (with contextual clues)
Rising Sun

Typically those symbols would be in a particular type of motif…so I doubt you’d have to look in depth at every skin unless you just dl’d a bunch of randoms and are not sure if someone put a few in.

well they are clearly not wanting people to check since we end up with this many having played since launch and the menu forces you to do one at a time such a system should have been in place before mentioning bans also they just banned the rising sun and the confederate flag and specificly the sun i have found hidden in a few designs its not like im sharing any here i had no idea that was some bad symbol seems common on JDM style designs and yes you get a fair few having downloaded them since 2018

There should a page with all the designs that you have. My designs or something.
i did the same thing across all forza(xbox one) games. Still have the xbox 360 ones. I dont want to this when the rules changes again. For me designs is a dead feature. I’m not going to use anymore.

Imagine going through all forza games since FM2. For some i have full garage. Some designs i didnt even check. A lot of cars were purchased from AH and never used them.

Don’t be afraid, there won’t be a ban wave. Sure for liveries with swastikas. Of for liveries creators that don’t remove them frm their store.
But do you really think PG will take the risk to ban an 8 y-o kid for having the Liberty Walk logo on his Nissan GTR ? Do you really think the average player reads the user agreements updates? Do yo really think the average european kid knows what the confederate flag is ?
I understand the reasons why PG/T10 take this measures, and I agree with them, but I can’t imagine a huge ban wave resulting in angry parents. Parents are those who are paying for the game, and they won’t buy the next game if you can lose your account for almost no reason.

Remember the Lego cars you can’t buy/sell in AH anymore ? I’m sure it’s because there were a lot of parents complaining because their children lost their toy without the possibility to buy a new one :slight_smile: . (IMHO you should be able to buy Lego/ Fortune Island prizes again when unlocked).

I presume that in the end, downloaded liveries will automatically been deleted (they have a unique id, and it won’t be too complicated to detect them).

well we had history and yes the American civil war was a topic in school im European Liberty walk however not sure what that is also never knew the Rising sun was some sort of bad thing as for swastika yeah European a few countries ban that so i get that it would be part of it having a harder time with the iron cross tbh thats the equivalent of a medal of honor recipient here not even Germany banned them also a military honor

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Rising Sun got into trouble back in 2011. A South Korean made an insulting gesture to the Japanese at the World Cup. So, as a good excuse, he said it was because he saw the Rising Sun.
Until then, the rising sun had been a common sight on Korean streets.

It is obvious that they are beating up Rising Sun regardless of the war. The fact that there were no complaints from Korea when the Japanese decided to make the Rising Sun the official flag after the war is proof of that.

Ditto for Turn10, who are also complicit in Korean propaganda without checking it.
We need to quit the ludicrous guidelines.

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They just apply rule, player profile is of no importance. Nevertheless, I doubt they will search for forbidden liveries, they will just act on report like they did until now.

For Lego cars, agreement with Lego certainly indicates each customer having the DLC will have X lego cars … therefore possibility to get rid of them becomes a contractual issue.

For deleting all liveries in a shot, this is just not possible.

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