need some decent looking paint jobs

I spent this weekend going through the auction house and storefronts…where did all the great painters go? And not everybody races the reventon…

I am looking for a Nice Gallardo, Toyota Mrs, GT40 , Ford GT, Muscle cars…etc. I race mainly in the ABC’S lobbies so supercars and lower classes. Most every thing I have found has been for drifters …nothing against them cause that is what I have sold in AH to fund my car collection and credits to give to friends. I just try to copy from photos or my version of somebody else’s work.

Have all the designers and painters totally given up on FM4? If so they ought to load A LITTLE OF THERE WORK in there storefronts. I know they moved on to FM5 but why couldnt we make a weekend sale of awesome paints…?

I have yet to move on…the car selection was the bitter pill for me.

I dont want them unlocked…I just want buy them in AH or storefront.