Need players who drive slow for cruize

Forza map is small and driving high powered cars usualy shortens ur cruise. 2 of us are looking 4 other players 2 cruize with that understand what im saying… im yet 2 see a full convoy, passing and slowing and passing, just having fun without recking or needing 2 b 1st. Add me if u have space or if u like same thing. Forza.h used 2 make this kinda game easy 2 find.f.h 2 doesnt :frowning: p.s bring back mirror in hood view

Me and a few of my friends like to cruise slow. Seems me a message on 360 Maj Awesome24.

Yeah id be willing to do it if you’re on XB1…

I’m interested send me a message ITS Twiister

Add me up bro if your on xbone:, Smagsy.

Im up for it if youre on xb1 gamertag dnbxdubx

Hi man,I’m up for cruising with you! My gamer tag is austenkjy28 on Xbox one. I will add you.

everyone who has xb1 and want club add me and can create a club and just do casual meets and slow legal driving :slight_smile: DreamTeam ASR15
add me xb1

@dreamteam ASR15 no problems bro,would love to cruise with you. Btw my gamer tag is austenkjy28 . Cheers

ive a crew that dose meets drift days and cruises add me on xb1 SulkierTHE BOSS

whats the crew name ?:)) and what times are you lot on ? like uk time or something?

the lowered society #tls me and a few buddys and its irish time

I’m on fhb now guys so anyone wanna cruise/drift/meet?

Plz msg me my gamer tag is MUPPET 360 on xb1 and 360

Add me im on the 360 version gamertag ZodiacalStatue4