Need People to race with

So hey everyone, My name is Sam and I need people to race with. Just racing on public lobbies is…well…rather horrid. Then playing with the Bots is getting old. So I would like a group of people to race with everyonce in a while. Hit me up. GT: Brit and Sam.

Add me Kleptic eV

Hi m8 call over to for a friendly community. Leagues and cups full of clean racers. Get away from online lobby where idiots take you out every corner

Hey, we are looking to get an endurance series going based upon the WEC. Races are on a Sunday and FINISH at 9pm GMT or british time. We arent discriminative to any drivers and are looking to get clean racers. Lobbies will be composed of three classes, prototype 1, gt and a p2 class that is a good drive and new experience. If you would like to join send me a message, GT ScholesySlash46, and i can give you more info on the series and how it would run