need nvidia users to help me experiment with a possible fix for in game micro stutter hell.

ok so i have seen a lot of people say micro stutter is a huge issue for them with forza 7 and it recently became the same way for me. i have an i5 cpu and only a gtx 1050 non ti version and i am able to run the game in high settings at 1080p flawlessly. i have seen people with much higher end set ups say they have severe micro stutter in both menus and in game. now when i say it recently became an issue for me ( i still have micro stutter in menus regardless of the setting i am going to discuss) it was only when i switched my nvidia settings from let the 3d application decide to manage my 3d settings. so for any nvidia users that still have in game micro stutter i ask that you please try switching from manage 3d settings to let the 3d application decide and get back to me with the results. because after switching back to let the 3d application decide the in game micro stutter completely stops for me. and remember i am on the lowest tier of the 10 series graphics cards so i think its safe to assume its not with your graphics cards in general, but with how forza is not playing nicely with user determined settings. sorry for my [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] spelling and grammar if i thought i was going to get paid for posting this then i may would give a damn, but until then i do not give a damn.