Need my fix

Where’s Porsche?

They’re being held hostage by EA who won’t let them appear in a game that has actual physics.

Just their rocket NOS power, on rails, drift to build boost, rubber band AI, all cars are the same speed, over the top games.

If I were Porsche I’d be pretty concerned over my products not being featured within the best environment. The people who actually buy Porsches are more likely to be playing Gran Turismo or Forza rather than Need for Speed.

Thanks for the info. Forza just isn’t the same without those 911s. I figured an expansion pack would be a no brainer. Forza 5 for me has slowly turned into a disapointment.

I am confident in saying that Turn 10 would love them to be in the game too but if the licence holder won’t play ball then not much they can do.