So I have noticed this a lot and as much as I hate the fact that there are big pieces of fly paper on the track … there are some really bad spots in this game that should have been sticky to begin with … and last night I was racing and it kinda broke the camels back … and im sure everyone has seen it happen … with the Yas Marina … with that big S turn that goes to the Corner before that long straight. and im just about sick of seeing it . also the Cutting in the Indy GP track is sickening as well I saw a multiple amount of guys … cut the first Grass corner so hard he made it a straight line all the way to that Sweep corner … its pathetic … and what is even more sick … LOOK AT ALL THE LB TIMES for the GP track some of the top times cut that grass just near the Dirty zone … and some even on that tiny little S turn towards the other end of the track … they ride so far off the track yet the time stays clean cuz they keep what should be the outside tires … ON THE INSIDE RUMBLE STRIPS its kinda dumb … take a look at some of the corners in the new RA track … there are a ton of areas for clean leeway … maybe nothing to take advantage of time wise but… im sure there are other parts of that new track that will be taken advantage of …Same with the Walriding in the Alps … its been let go for so long now that … its more than just riding the wall there are people that know how to do it like its a profession … See I know it starts with the Parents not teaching there kid Integrity … what do you get out of cheating in a video game … there isn’t any real money involved … your not gonna have your name posted all over the place … so why not play the game its meant to be played . I guess this isn’t a real open convo piece but just wanted to vent my frustration … I mean im so stoked that they fixed matchmaking … and I have had some much better lobbies … but now im running into some people with high driver levels … that I normally have no problem beating on tracks with no corners to cut … but… I don’t mind taking a loss or a 2nd or 3rd or last … in a hard fought race … but when I come in second to a cheater and at the end of the race have the better lap time cuz its clean … it really makes me not like this game.

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