Need more OPTIONS ( Menu ) on Horizon 2

Will, I just bought Horizon 2, graphics are great, but too arcade eee, feel to it, I haven’t played the H1, maybe the same,
I’ll just stick back to Forza Motorsport 5 , much more fun playing it, H2 don’t have a better menu option, I couldn’t find a option to quit a event, like the fm5 does, I hope to see an update, that fixes this problem.

Cool story bro. Nice opinion.

In answer to the menus, press START to see the settings. on the bottom right, to adjust the game settings and difficulty. Also on controls, press X for more in depth details of controls.

You can also press LB or RB when you’ve paused to go through different menus.

to quit an event, it’s the top row, 2nd option on the first page when you pause. If you mean change CHAMPIONSHIP - simply go back to the hub and select change championship.

o…thanks for your info , Boodzo