Need Livery

how do I go about getting someone to make a livery for me.

You could ask someone nicely

have anyone in mind? its not anything hard or major.

There are plenty of painters around. Do as actual just said. That’s the way to go about it

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…here’s a tip:

Post pictures of what you’re needing done & include a detailed description of what and why you need it too. Then, if someone sees your post and decides they have the time and want to make it for you they can contact you via your thread or by PM. The more people that see exactly what you’re looking for the better chance you’ll get a response. Good luck!

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Car choice
Body kits & Build (if specific)
Livery Style (Better with a picture for inspiration)
Colours you’d like (if not replica)
Sponsors (If you have a preference again if original)

Information is pretty much key to a designer, otherwise we’d just give you a hideous car with Comic Sans Font with epic triple layered drop shadow and rainbows / unicorns (…or a livery using the ingame fonts)


Hey! I was working on that on the downlow…