Need Hint for missing Landmark on Fortune Island

Like the Title say. I am at 17/18 landmarks, drove the whole Island left to right, up and down. Done every Race and PR Stunt, Drift Club, everything but I can’t find that missing Landmark.
If anyone could help or already have a Map with all Landmarks marked on it (maybe pm this to not spoiler anyone else) I would really appreciate it.

Greetz Insane

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I have the same problem. I went to the 12 areas named on the map, plus having all the Beauty Spots so I have no idea where to go for the last one.

Try the small islands in the south. They have their own landmark.

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Same problem here, but i only count 11 areas:
1 Laafey’s Throne
2 Skildar Head
3 Needle climb
4 Fenhol
5 Westwick
6 The giant’s dolmen
7 Oldlarck forest
8 Westwick castle
9 Viking bay
10 Skildar watch
11 Storm beach

No 12 for me.
I already went to the south island but can’t seem to find the last one.

I have collected all and I think you still miss the one from the various small islands off the south coast. It was named something with “Siren” if I recall correctly. Those islands contain some ruins and a influence board.

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Nope, i gave it a second try with no luck (the islands area contains the world “scale” and was my 17th) so i hope i will find it

Same here world scale was my 17th and i dont found the 18th…

A little water never hurt anybody.

I was stuck at 17, then I wasn’t.

And if that’s not it, just driving all 63 roads should get you the other 17. I got to 18 without really focusing on those or offroading much.

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Right on the money here. Finding all the roads will net you quite a bit of those places. Thats why I made sure to do that first, then find whats missing

I have all the roads and got the Influence Board from the Southern Islands and visited them all. I still only have 17/18.

When all else fails, it might be a bug lol. I’m at work but i’ll be home in a couple hours and i’ll see if I found them all. I havent even checked the stats for the island yet

I think you guys might be missing one I got when I went to collect the rest of all bonus boards. If I remember correctly the name started with “Serpent’s”.

I drove from the upper to the lower bonus board and I think I got the area somewhere within the circle.

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I think that was the route I probably took when it popped up. I wasn’t all that close to the islands when it happened, though. I was expecting expecting to get respawned because it seemed like a lot of open water, but that whole area seemed driveable.

That’s the one I was missing - thanks :slight_smile:

If you head to the left more to the slightly bigger island there is a spot called western shallows just got 18/18

@ Scyonite - Thanks for sharing the tip. I just tried that route a couple of times in each direction, yet, did not come up. Wonder if the specific turning route from point to point is important. I just drove straight from each Influence Board.


Same here. Still stuck at 17.

One other one I can think of is this one, if I remember correctly:

You could also try and go for all bonus boards, it’s what I was doing when I found my last. Maybe the devs scattered the bonus boards over all 18 areas.


In my screen, the place of lower spiral stones was empty. The map was different with this captured image.

After accessing upper spiral stones, landmark stat became 18/18!

Thank you!!!

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Thank you sir! I checked last night and i’m at 17/18, when I get back home I will head straight there

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